5 Things Friday: Five Studying tips

Hello, Study Bugs

The last few months in a year is known for many things – Halloween, new seasons, Christmas and New Years. It is also known for EXAMS. I wrote Chemistry last week, which isn’t fun at all if you are relatively normal. (I’m really sorry for the okes that enjoy Chemistry). I’m writing Business Management at the end of the month (let’s not discuss why Business Management is part of my BSc curriculum, because I don’t know why) so I am once again preparing to study my but off. I am competitive, I like doing good. So here are 5 tips to make studying for exams easier.

Prepare your basic materials.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to stand up five minutes after you have started to fetch something, then again, and again. Therefore, I try to get everything I am going to need ready. This includes




Sticky notes


A Ruler

A puncher and a stapler

Erasers, Sharpeners

Have a basic outline of everything you need to study

Make sure that you have all your assignments, old exam papers and study guide with you. Work systematically through the information and make sure you understand it before you move on.

Find what works best for you

There are so many ways to learn something. Spider diagrams, writing out your work a lot of time, shorthand notes, etc. you have to choose one that makes the information sticks in your head. I simply write out the work I need to know, keep it stacked and work from there. It eliminates working with a thick textbook, and much easier to navigate and to get an idea how much work you still need to do.

A little bit each day

When I am close to my exams, I try to get in at least an hour and a half each day. If you do five out of seven days, it is seven and a half hours, without those exhausting long periods of studying. Obviously, if you are a full time student, you can adapt it to suit your needs, but it remains important to keep the material fresh in your mind.

Stay healthy

Drink water and eat healthy snacks in between. Your brain is incapable of functioning properly if you are sleep deprived or hungry. Minimize caffeine use as much as possible – it can prevent you from sleeping when you are finally done. Take breaks where you stand up and move around, refreshing your brain. Scrolling through your smart phone will give you a bigger headache. Make sure you sleep enough. It is difficult if you are preparing for a large test, but you will feel better if you write with a fresh mind.

I hope this helps. If you are writing, good luck and stay calm!

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