A tale that will restore your faith in humanity

Here is a wonderful story to make you feel better about life.

Reports were received that a dog had fallen into Kimberley’s Big Hole (Northern Cape, South-Africa) on the 15th of November 2013. The dog proved to have amazing fighting spirit and stayed alive by swimming around (the Hole used to be a diamond mine but is now filled with water). Luckily, the doggie managed to find resting place and could sometimes stand still.

By Saturday, the 23rd of November, people were demanding to know why no rescuing mission had been launched yet. True, the mission would be very difficult as it isn’t possible to go down the steep, eroded cliffs. Kurt Darren, a popular South-African celebrity, offered to finance the rescue mission. Soon ER24, a medical response unit, jumped on the wagon and offered to assist.

A team of seven went down the hole and after a few failed attempts; one man went into the water. Initially, the dog didn’t understand that Warrant Officer Wayne Seely was there to saver her, and tried to get away, but when she realised she was being rescued, the dog, nicknamed Underdog (or Captain Seely), stopped swimming and allowed her rescuer to lift her out.

Needless to say, the entire South-Africa was yelling support during the entire rescue mission.

And there, my faithful readers, is proof that humanity still has redeeming qualities.

Here’s to the Underdog!


*Image from Volksblad

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