Life Lately

December is AIDS awareness month

Get tested. AIDS is not a death sentence if properly treated. South-Africa has some of the highest infection rates across the globe, so if you live here, it is essential to know you and your partner’s status. Getting tested means you are responsible and smart.

Catching Fire

Everyone is RAVING about it and I really need to watch it. Maybe I can catch it tomorrow. I really want to see how good it is, and have even reread the books to prepare for potential bitching.

Paul Walker

Death is something that reach us all, no matter our celebrity status. The world was reminded of that when Paul Walker tragically died in a car accident this weekend. His death is so incredibly sad. He died doing what he loves, and there should be some consolation there. I’ve always enjoyed the Fast and the Furious movies, and now I will always be sad when watching it – like seeing Heath Ledger in any of his movies.

Warrior Race

We went to support my brother-in-law and his teammates this past Saturday when they participated in the Warrior Race. My sisters and I are contemplating joining them in 2014, which means becoming extremely fit. It seems like a great thing to work towards to – I always need motivation and something to aim for.


It is almost time to see my best friend in the whole wide world, Zoë. I can’t wait!

Vacation time

I’m going on vacation in two weeks. This year has been so long. I can’t wait to do absolutely nothing.

Book Challenge

I am busy reading my 72nd book for my book challenge – Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. It is a great read. The posts are relatively backed up, so I hope to catch up this week.

Best of 2013.

During the next few weeks I will post some Best of 2013 posts. Look out for it!


Finally finished my exams last week. Now I am just waiting for good news and then it is registering for 2014. Rock on, studies!

One thought on “Life Lately


    Yeah, it was very sad. The worst was it appears that there was a false rumour on the net the day before that he had died? Not cool at all.

    We are soooo close friend, gotta start buying your tickets 😀 😀 😀 😀

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