5 Things Friday: Five things to do while on holiday

5 things friday pic

Hello, dearest friends. While you are reading this I am blissfully on holiday. I am writing this while not on holiday (being a responsible blogger and planning my posts), so I am decidedly sad that it isn’t that time yet. To cheer myself (and hopefully you) up, here is a list of Five things to do while on holiday.


Yep. You might think it is time wasting to catch up on sleep while there are so many other things you could do right now, sleep is ESSENTIAL for your holiday happiness. Now is the time to make up for all those mornings where you had to awake at five o’clock. You can even catch a nap during the day if you want.

Get back to your good habits

There was a time, approximately a year ago, when I drank only two cups of coffee a day, constantly went for walks and ate perfectly all the time. Then, the year happened, and I slacked with everything that is good for me, and did everything that is bad for me. So I am using this time to get into my healthy habits and prepare for 2014.

Do fun things

Go out and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while or go see a movie during the day. Whatever it is, as long as you get the most fun from it.

Find a new cocktail

Let go of that ciders that you “love so much” There is an entire OCEAN of lovely drinks to drink. Explore, find one and have fun experimenting. They are usually a bit more pricey, but completely worth it.

Go to new places

Even if you are not planning on traveling, find some places close to home that you haven’t explored yet. In Johannesburg there is the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, the Soweto Towers (you can bungee), Gold Reef City (a theme park with a casino and where you can visit old mine shafts), and plenty of other lovely places just waiting to be explored. Don’t be deterred by cost – a lot of things are pricey, but for example the Kliprivier’s Nature Reserve is beautiful and entry is free.

Let me know what you are planning to do this holiday!



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