Merry Christmas! (And what it means to me)

Christmas LOTC

Christmas is such a special time. I don’t have a big family, and I am not very close to anyone outside my immediate family. For us it is usually just the Five (now six with my sister’s husband). I never feel deprived – I love them more than anything in the world so I’ve never wanted for more.

When we were young, my two sisters and I would sleep downstairs on “Christmas beds” – all our mattresses on the floor with a pile of blankets, and try to catch Santa. Getting older and realising that Santa was actually just my mom sneaking down and putting presents under the tree didn’t deter us. For one, my little sister is six years younger than me and eight younger than our oldest sister, so we wanted for her to have the same good time we always had had. Secondly, it was ridiculously fun to sleep downstairs. Thirdly we probably hoped that Santa would someday appear, and that my mom was only helping him out. Now we stay in the bed but it is still fun.

A lot of families open their presents on Christmas Eve. It’s not Christmas yet! We open our presents Christmas morning, sitting around the tree in our pajamas. Now we refrain from opening most of it until my sister and her husband arrives. We all sit in a big circle and open it together, laughing and cheering. Afterwards we head to church and return home following the sermon.

My mom’s turkey and filling is renowned. I love that so much. It is possible that I love it more than the presents. Okay, maybe not. But I still love it a whole lot. And the potato salad. No one makes potato salad like my mama.

So today is Christmas, and I am probably doing what I’ve been doing the past 23 years of my life. Today, in a month’s time I am 24. I will deal with that when I get there. For today, I hope you have a wonderful time, like I plan to.

Merry Christmas!

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