Best of 2013: Moments


Since it is nearly 2014, I leave you with the best moments in my life in 2013. Enjoy and feel free to comment 🙂

  1. Getting my license. Not having a license felt like the biggest weight on my shoulders. Now that I have it, it naturally feels like I should never have stressed about it.
  2. Saw a COMPLETE ass get told off. This may be the best part of my year actually. He had been asking for it for YEARS, and justice finally happened.
  3. Continued with my studies and passed 4 subjects / 5 (it will hopefully be 6/7 when I get my latest results)
  4. Went and experienced the beautiful Mother City of South-Africa, Cape Town.
  5. Checked that I am registered for the general elections next year. If you don’t vote, you don’t complain.
  6. Went for an HIV test. I work in a pretty infectious environment, and the test was more for peace of mind than any real concern. It came back negative (whoop and thankfully) and I was glad to put myself on the list of South-Africans who know their status. I am extremely passionate about preventing the transference of infectious diseases, especially HIV and AIDS, as it is responsible for many unnecessary deaths across the globe. In South-Africa AIDS is a pandemic, with people refusing to get tested, accept their status and promiscuity without protection. I could go on for days, and the simplest solution is to know your status and manage it, since AIDS doesn’t mean death.
  7. Saw my sister marry her long-term boyfriend, Stefan.
  8. Tracked my life better. I did my tax immediately when the tax season started, checked my budget religiously and worked to bring down my debt. I’m really proud of being more on top of things now.
  9. Discovered the power of forgiving and moving on. I was angry at many people for legitimate reasons, but I finally realised the true power of letting go.
  10. Brought my Alcatel T10 tablet. It is truly an amazing product for its price range.

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