Thoughts 1.2

Happy Wednesday!

“thoughts” posts will now be labelled 1.2 as per month (1 = January) and number of post within that month (.2 is the second one in January so far)

Some completely (and very random) thoughts for this week

I am nearly twenty four. Getting older and older, and I still barely have an idea where I am going in life. I have a basic outline of things I want to accomplish, but that is it

Decent phones are way too expensive! Where were the days when you spent 60 bucks a month for your Nokia 3310?

Speaking of which, exploring phones and specs and what I want. I want a big phone but I also want a laptop, so I need to find the best deal out there.

I have a good layout idea for my blog. So excited!

I finally started rebuilding my book challenge list. Will post it on blog and save three times in different locations to prevent any file losing again. TRIPLE MEH

Kicked the book-block in the ass and started reading again. Finished the Great Gatsby and started another Nora Roberts. Next book will be some Galaxy book thing. I just can’t remember the name (ever).

My war on mosquitoes is still on. I hate them.

It is getting closer and closer to buying a car time. I am excited and terrified in equal measure.

I sometimes feel that the world and I are not friends. Like we move at different speeds and never fully understand each other.

If my family were the leads of Two Broke Girls, I would be Max and my sisters would collectively be Caroline. We are broke too so we are following the plot. Just wish I could date Johnny as part of being Max 😉

And there comes a time where you just have to finally admit that something won’t work out no matter how much you want it or how good the idea was.

I really wish for winter now. I will likely moan about winter three months into it, but this oppressive heat is getting to me.

Getting in shape is a daily struggle. I keep needing to remind myself on why I want to lose weight (I have three holidays planned this year and it helps you live longer). I am cautious about becoming obsessed. I have read way too many articles about weight obsession this year. What people don’t understand is that it isn’t only an obsession when you are bulimic/anorexic/overeater, but also when you constantly obsess and fail and then hate yourself for it.

Some hope for the residents of the Central African Republic I hope.

And a motivational for the week.


What is on your mind?

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