Thoughts 2.1

How can you work at a company for years and still not know the door code? The sound of the door ringing in our office drives me NUTS I tell you.

PS: Gliding to a door on your leisurely pace will certainly cause the door to close again. No, I am not opening it for you. You have your own feet.

Still thoroughly enjoying my car. All that freedom just for me.


I’ve been eyeing this challenge for a bit – it is so upbeat and happy and positive. A work colleague and I will now be trying this out – for a 100 days you record something that makes you happy.

Check out their website here:

I will be posting about my 100 Days in batches – I really don’t think you want to read 100 separate posts about it! 🙂

12 February 2014: 1st day of Happy

New Girl

New Girl

I put this show on yesterday and it is awesome! I laughed so hard.


Please and thank-you. The two phrases you learn from childhood. How do you FORGET something that has been ingrained since you were young? Quick Question: Who wouldn’t help a person who asks nicely and who would help someone who is rude?

What I want to say to the Waterkloof Four:


You think you’ve won. You think you’re very smart and funny and free. You are not. You think you are rich. I hope one day you make the distinction between having rich parents and actually being rich through your own blood, sweat and tears. You look like a bunch of pretty hipsters on their way to a JB concert. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You are all murderers. You preyed on the most vulnerable form of human being – a poor homeless man whose life was already horrible. You represent what is bad in this country – continued racism (from both sides), disrespect for the law and a dismissive attitude towards the lives of others. I am ashamed that you are part of my ethnic origins and I am ashamed that you are South-Africans. I hope one day you realise what you have done and have true remorse.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

WTF world. It is so addictive it is crazy. Makes absolutely no sense in its addictiveness because it is possibly some of the worst graphics I’ve seen in ages. I downloaded it (to my eternal regret) and now rue the day I heard about it. The creator of Flappy bird, Nguyen Ha Dong, has since taken it down from all App stores for now apparent reason but I have it on my phone already so BOOM.Instead of saying that it ruined your life claim responsibility for how rich it made you.

BTW: My score stands at 33. What is yours?

The Mentalist Season 5

I am astounded that the producers of the Mentalist managed another season without revealing Red John. Season five is one of the best seasons of the series. I really enjoyed it and more specifically because they had plenty more Red John information in there than previously.

Vampire Academy

VA is being released this week in South-Africa and I am so there. Go watch it!


Reading the 89th book of the book challenge – Key of Knowledge by Nora Roberts. Very entertaining.


“When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside” Rumi

How cool a quote is that?

Valentine’s Day

Currently feeling that it is a stupid money making scheme. May be because I am single. Not discounting that fact.


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