Thoughts 3.2

A few changes

I changed my blog theme and added a blog roll. It is the start of some changes on my blog to make it easier to navigate. Let me know what you think!

I am in a writing slump. There is no creativity coming through and everything I say feels lame and forced and about as original as a Justin Bieber song. Maybe when I (hopefully) get my new laptop at the end of the month I will have some drive again.

Luckily, it is almost long weekend.

The 21st of March is Human Rights Day in South-Africa and we are celebrating our rights by not working. Not sure if that even makes sense though, but it still means a day off.

Human Rights Day in South-Africa is celebrated on the 21st of March because on that day in 1960, the police opened fire on protesters who were protesting against pass laws, which meant that Africans had to carry books on to identify them on police request. 69 Unarmed people were killed and 180 injured. The incident is known as the Sharpeville massacre.

And, I’m going camping

At a place called Lover’s Rock.

In case you were wondering, no, it is not that type of a resort.

Which is a good thing, because people are such morons

Humanity is being incredible pain in the arses. I am over everyone right now. It will be a good thing to be away with people I like separated from the rest of the world.

For example, people talking shit about Vaccines they don’t understand

I was at a medical seminar where the success and safety of Cervarix was discussed. YOU putting it on Facebook and discouraging people from getting it and thus being vulnerable to contracting STDs.

Unisa and assignments

I’m about halfway with my assignments for this semester. It was a miracle opening my chemistry book and recognising some of the work. It gave me hope.



(insert honey badger don’t care)

PS: I get really worked up about vaccines obviously.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts 3.2

  1. LOVING the changes my fair friend, looking great and LOVE that you have a search bar now (was a bitch locating things before)!

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