5 Things Friday: Five things that makes me happy right now


I’ve had an awful week at work, and I had a number of ideas for this post today: things that makes South-Africa awesome (I will only post that though once I am not so angry anymore that they stole a work colleague’s car from a secured parking lot and I am walking outside every two hours to check on my car… I guess that means good exercise at least), I had some fitness and weight loss ideas running around in my head but I didn’t even have the urge to share my limited knowledge on that subject. So I’ve decided to share with you the things that make me happy right now.

Bones season 1

It is so much fun watching a glamorised version of what I do every day. I love the characters and although the story is weak in the beginning it is definitely becoming more solid and the acting is getting better and better. And the lab is AWESOME. I want it I want it now.

The Fact that I am watching Captain America: Winter Soldier tonight

Captain America
Finally!! Of all the Marvel movies, Captain America has the best story. I really can’t wait! Watch out for the review next week!

The fact that I am watching Divergent next weekend

This is obviously movie month here, but I can’t wait to see Tris, Four and the Dauntless. WHOOP

I am seeing my best friend at the end of April!

I got 100% for my Microbiology assignment at Unisa.

Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “5 Things Friday: Five things that makes me happy right now

  1. MEEEEEEEEE! YESSSSSSSSSS! I cannot wait to see you. And check us with all our movie watching things this week and next. Congrats on your assignment my fair one!

  2. Are you a forensic anthropologist like Brennan? Very cool. Love the show. have seen all episodes. too bad they will be ending it after season 10 😦

    I also think Cap America is the best Marvel movie, so I cant wait to see THe Winter Soldier.

    Nicely done!

    • Nope sadly not 😦 Studying to become a microbiologist. Anthropology is one of those awesome fields I would love to explore but doesn’t have real job options in the real world.

      Me too! I liked Thor and Iron Man, but Captain America has a really good story.


      • microbiology is good too. 🙂 Phd? I work in a research environment, so I’m a bit familiar with all fields of science (not at a high level mind you) 🙂

        If you’ve only seen Season 1 of Bones, you have lots of great episodes ahead of you!

      • I’m still on bsc right now. Can’t see myself going to PhD level though. What type of research are you in?

        I really like it so far! Eek!

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