May – you better be good to me.

Happy May.

Firsly, April was so crap I am only too glad it is over. When I say everything went wrong, that really is the truth. I got sick, then got an ulcer, which felt like someone was drilling into my mouth at a high speed and very often. Work was insane, petrol was fucking expensive (still is, FYI), and my brand new laptop broke, and my bank balance is sadder than Zimbabwe’s.

So, May

I really hope you are good to me. I am writing exams this month, but I will take it in the hope that I 1) pass and 2) anything will be better than April. I really want to start reading constantly again. I love books and reading helps me relax. It is really the best escape valve there is because it takes you to another world completely.

I want to finish Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I do not know why it is taking so long. The book is well written and interesting and I don’t understand why I can’t just finish it.

I want to read my third Karin Slaughter book. She is an amazing author who I am still surprised I enjoy so thoroughly.

I am rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the millionth time. It is so good and entertaining and sad and funny.

Walking slash running.


I am finally doing frequent exercise and I just want to continue in May because it leashes the crazy. I am still going a bit slow, but I am definitely improving. I already feel much better than a few weeks ago.


I love watching rom-coms and chick flicks and I am not afraid to say it. BUT, I want to start watching some decent stuff too. I can’t wait to explore and see what I love and hate.

What are your plans for May?

16 thoughts on “May – you better be good to me.

  1. Hope May is better for you too. I have to say I have heard quite a few people and I have seen it myself, April was crazy, hectic and just not great. I can’t tell you how many incidents happened recently too and I have been feeling like I have brain fog for like the past 2 weeks and can’t even chug out a review. Hence just really catching up with blogs today. Also had no motivation to work out and I felt in a funk, so you are not alone girl. Ps..I am also trying to get back into reading, I swear Zoe has inspired me. I also want to check out Slaughter because of her. Ok I seriously just rambled on your blog, so sorry! I hope May is great, let’s make it awesome!

  2. Best one, here’s hoping you have a better month and that you will be whipping those exams! Thanks for an awesome visit, and glad to see you are getting onto other movies. I will keep suggesting!

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