The Iconic Book Scene – Finnick in his underwear

finnick odair underwear

Good day 🙂

Today’s post is again from one of my favourite bloggers and friends, Zoë. Go take a look at her site!

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19 thoughts on “The Iconic Book Scene – Finnick in his underwear

      • yes. enjoyed them a lot. I own the first book, but currently am in the middle of a thriller series and when I finish that I have to decide between HG or GoT to read. Not sure which I’ll try to read first 🙂

        The only time I have to read is on the weekends and since I need to also spend time with the kids, if I’m lucky I get 100 pages read every week.

      • Haha so my comment was only half typed when it went through earlier.

        I seriously want to read GoT too. I watched the first three episodes last night and it was amazing. I hope it stays as entertaining!!

        Dedicated dad 🙂

      • I only watched GoT right before the 3rd season, so I got to watch two season back to back within less than a week, it was SOOOO amazing. The books seem very daunting, but the book store I was in last week had a sale and I was able to get the first two books very cheaply. Debating whether to spend the money on the other 3 now (since they are still on sale) or wait until I see if I like his writing.

        Im a HUGE LoTR fan, but I cant read Tolkien cause his writing is terrible. I scare GRRM will also be like that 😦

        I do my best 🙂

  1. I randomly happened upon this post just then, no idea how I got here, but I had to comment because I saw the movie last night as it has already premiered in Australia, and everyone is incredibly upset about this at the moment – THEY DIDN’T INCLUDE THIS SCENE IN THE MOVIE!!!

    Praying it will be in Part 2, but so upset!

    • WHAT?!?! I can’t believe it! It’s one of the only lighthearted scenes in the book and should definitely have been included 😦 Did you enjoy the movie?
      Thanks for stopping by!

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