Five things Friday: 5 Male Characters in a series who kicks ass while looking DAMN fine

It’s Friday, folks!

I really liked compiling last week’s five female characters who kick ass on the small screen, so today I am bringing you this: 5 Male Characters in a series who kicks ass while looking DAMN fine

Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy, played by Charlie Hunnam


I was so happy when CH dropped out of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Whether it was voluntary or they forced him, starring in that shit would have damaged how much I love Jax Teller.

SOA messes with your mind a lot because you are on the criminal’s side and JT even more because you are vouching for a man that is basically a murdering gangster with questionable morals.

However, I love how badass JT is. He is gorgeous to look at and he has such an attitude that I find extremely appealing. I like that he is at the most basic level actually a man with deep love for the people closest to him and how protective he can be when someone messes with his nearest and dearest.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural, played by Jensen Ackles


Ah, Dean. He is without a doubt the most appealing of the Winchester brothers. I hated the whiney Snotbag Sam Winchester and how Dean always had to clean up after him. I love Dean’s dedication to his job and his family, his music, clothes and food, his Impala and his courage to never stop moving.

I think Jensen Ackles was excellently cast as Dean Winchester. He was one of the only characters in the show I constantly had sympathy for and rooted for.

Special Agent Seeley Booth, Bones, played by David Boreanaz


Some characters you support because of their looks and some because of who they are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how Booth looks, but it is mostly his character that got him on this list. I enjoy his relationship with Bones and how he protects her but understands that she is independent and needs to do some things on her own. I find his hero complex endearing and how he always needs to be there for the people in his life.

Harvey Specter, Suits, played by Gabriel Macht


It is the suits and the education and work ethic and that hairstyle that would have looked absolutely stupid on anyone else. He is hardworking and very dedicated to the people around him and is okay with lifting himself up. Harvey Specter makes Suits amazing – I think all the other characters just pale in comparison.

Patrick Jane, The Mentalist, played by Simon Baker

 Patrick Jane

He is without one of the most layered, complex characters on television. I thoroughly enjoy that attitude that gets him slapped ever so often, the dedication to finding his wife’s killer, and his own killer instinct when it comes to people bullshitting police investigations. Simon Baker was as well cast as Jane as Robert Downey Jnr. is cast as Iron Man – they both bring something essential to their characters that just make everything more believable.

12 thoughts on “Five things Friday: 5 Male Characters in a series who kicks ass while looking DAMN fine

  1. DEAN WINCHESTER ❤ ❤ All the way!!!

    And Harvey! What a winner! That 'tude!! That hair… you simply cannot hate on it!

    No doubt Patrick was going to be on here, what with him and his shenanigans.

    I am also a huge fan of Peter Bishop, he is great stuff.

    So definitely feeling this list best one!

    • Dean is the BEST. You know how I hated Sam in Seasons 4 and 5!
      I love Harvey man. He makes that show.
      The fact that Jane does not get slapped more often amazes me!
      PB nearly made it on haha. Was a close call because he rocks!

      • Yeah, more in four though hahaha!

        Without him I would probably not watch it.

        It thrills me every time he gets hit. “Assault, assault!”

        Glad we agree as always!

  2. Jax sigh so Freaking HOT! And Simon Baker love him and that guy from Supernatural, seriously that is the only reason I want to watch that show. haha. I am so happy, no elated, ecstatic, that Charlie is not going to be in the new 50 Shades of Grey movie. He actually took himself off the role because he felt instantly he was being scrutinized the minute it was released he would be in it, he doesn’t like the paparazzi and all that, so he quit. Yeah I looked into it… I’m a nerd.

    • I LOVE Jax! So glad you agree there! Simon Baker is just the best casting for Patrick Jane – he is everything in there!

      You should totally watch Supernatural – up to season 5 haha. Because it has a solid storyline and Dean Winchester is just so good to watch 😀

      I respect him (Charlie) so much for dropping out of that atrocious nonsense. He obviously knew it would drown his career as a respectable actor.

      Nerds rock!!

      • Yes I am so happy he is not in the movie. I think although it would have been cute to see him as sexy Christian I don’t want to ruin his rugged hotness with that movie. Did you read 50 shades?

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