Genre Grandeur – Lawless (2012)

I took part in Rob’s Genre Grandeur this month! Go take a look 🙂


For my next entry in this months Genre Grandeur – Crime, I present you with a review by Natasha of Life of this City Girl.  If you don’t already follow her blog, I strongly recommend that you do.  Her site features movie reviews, book reviews (Don’t know how she has time to read so much) :), TV show (and whole series) reviews and her Five things Friday series.

Thanks Natasha for joining in!

Here’s her review of Lawless (2012)………


I am so excited to be blogging here today! I’ve always read and admired Movie Rob’s site, and especially these posts, but never got around to doing a post (a combination of laziness and laziness). When I saw that May’s Genre Grandeur was about Crime, I knew I had to send in something!

My experience with crime movies are on the rise. I’ve never really watched a lot of…

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4 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – Lawless (2012)

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