That Awkward Moment (2014)

Awkward moment

What happens?

Jason (Zac Efron) and his co-worker and friend Daniel (Miles Teller) are the usual type of twenty-something guys living in the city. Disorganised and immature, they live life for the moment and data everyone and everything, as long as it doesn’t get too attached.

When their friend, medical doctor Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) finds out that his wife is sleeping with their lawyer, he is devastated and temporarily moves in with Jason. Worried about his emotional distress, the three make a pact to not get into relationships until Mikey is better.

During one of their nights out, Jason spots Ellie (Imogen Poots) sitting at the bar. He intercepts the guy busy chatting her up and starts to talk to her. They end up in bed, but Jason sees her boots, terms them stripper heels, and a bunch of condoms, quickly thinking that she may be a high class prostitute. He sneaks out of her apartment, but is anything but rid of her when she is the book author he and Daniel will be designing a book cover for. When she hears that he thought she was a prostitute, she is unimpressed. Jason feels like a bit of an idiot and apologizes by he sends her sketches depicting the incident. She decides to forgive him and they go drink coffee together, but she heads home without sleeping with him again.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s friend and female wingman, Chelsea (Makenzie Davis) becomes more than a wingman one night. Although he tries to hide it from his friends, Chelsea has become his girlfriend and he is very much in love. When she asks him if his friends know about this, he lies and says they are very happy that he is dating her

Ellie’s father unexpectedly dies and she is heartbroken. She wants Jason to be at the funeral, but he knows that attending the funeral will be a sign that he is in a relationship with her, something he has been avoiding his entire life. Mikey, who ignored the advice of his two friends, has since started seeing his wife Vera (Jessica Lucas) again. When he finds evidence that she is still cheating on him, he is devastated but finally manages to walk away.

Daniel is at Chelsea’s Thanksgiving dinner and it is certain that her dad finds him unworthy. He and Chelsea end up making out in the bathroom, but are interrupted when Jason, who decided to not attend the funeral, walks in. Mikey arrives as well and everyone’s secrets are exposed: Chelsea realises that Daniel never told his friends they are dating, Daniel and Jason realise that Mikey has been sleeping with Vera, and everyone realises that Jason is involved with Ellie.

Their friendships are now strained and their relationships ruined. Will the three boys be able to fix everything and live happily ever after?

Rating: 6/10

I went in expecting predictable, cheesy and forced humour and that is exactly what I got. I am still unsure as to what “That awkward moment” is supposed to be, because that wasn’t really cleared up. Was it the frequent getting-caught-during-the-nookie? Was it the “Soooo…” all the girls eventually uttered or the fact that Zac Efron’s character didn’t attend the funeral of his girlfriend’s father?

Things that worked

The fact that guys in their mid-twenties are generally a bit idiotic was well portrayed. (I can attest to this – I am girl in mid-twenties and the men my age are… special (and not the good way))

Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller all have something going for them. They are all super cute in very different ways, so I get the girls just flocking to them.

Zac Efron’s ass (it contributed solidly to the 6/10 that should have been a 5/10)

Miles Teller has the potential to become something amazing – he has such normal looks and excellent acting abilities – I truly think with enough determination he can become a leading guy in Hollywood.

I loved Mackenzie Davis as Chelsey. She worked so well and I loved how her relationship developed and how she was never his little puppet.

What didn’t work?

The predictable, forced swearing. I’m a girl that thinks a well-chosen swear word at a specific time is effective and productive, but come on, stop trying to be badass and try and get in as many “fucks” as possible. Every time these guys said “fuck” it was like they wanted to look over their shoulders to see if their moms were watching.

Anyhow, the amount of predictable and cheese reached epic proportions. The humour is cheap, forced and unimaginative. Efron, for all his good looks (and they are GOOD) cannot act to save his ass.

Imogen Poots’s fucking teeth. I have to put this in here because it is the only thing I noticed. She is truly pretty, truly, but the teeth are so distracting. MEH.

For all the cheese and stupid, I actually had a good time with this. I watched Springbreakers directly after, and compared to that, most movies are exceptional.

Recommendation: Go watch this if you are brain-dead after a horrible day and need some very light-hearted fun.

14 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment (2014)

  1. Omg awesome review! I LOL with the Zac’s ass comment. That alone is the reason I want to watch this movie and yes men in their 20’s are special and are they really men or just somewhat grown up boys?

  2. Hehehe this review made me laugh bestie, probably way more than the movie. I think this is just something that I will skip. You know how I feel about forced swearing!

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