Book Review: The Hollow (Nora Roberts)

Nora Roberts-The Hollow

Book two of the Pagan Stone Trilogy


After successfully scaring the demon who used to walk around as a human named Lazarus Twisse, Cal Hawkins, Quinn Black, Fox O’Deale, Layla Darnell, Gage Turner and Cybill Kinski have in no way forgotten about its’ presence. As the next Seven draws closer, they expect the demon to show face again soon.


Layla, who takes over from Fox’s retiring secretary, is worried about her magical ability to sense what people are thinking. Fox tries to make her more comfortable with it, but he himself struggles with it – and his attraction to her.


As they come closer to the Seven, they witness more bizarre actions of the community. One individual particularly affected by the Seven is Fox’s childhood nemesis, Deputy Derrick Napper. Their animosity always escalates during the Seven and this time is no exception. Napper is soon provoking Fox and looking for ways to cause trouble.


Layla and Fox are soon the pair that gets thrown into the demon’s path. He is malicious, tormenting even their dreams. The six humans start searching for more history on Ann Hawkins, the woman who bore the three sons of Giles Dent, of whom they are descendants. Will they find anything useful in time to scare the demon away from the town until the Seven? Will they all be able to remain alive and unscathed? What will happen between Layla and Fox and will Layla be able to make peace with what she is?


Rating: 6.5/10


I liked this book as much as Blood Brothers. I enjoy Nora Roberts a lot, and while you know exactly how all her stories will end out, the ride to the end is always entertaining and interesting.


I’ve mentioned in my review of the first book that I thought the Demon was particularly scary and will say so again. Children are always freakier as supernatural beings than adults, and Twisse in the form of a child was very chilling. I wish Roberts could have better explained why he left a sulphur odor behind everywhere he went, because that interested me.


I enjoyed Layla and Fox and their gift, and how they came together. It was cheesy, really, but sweet all the same.


Not the best supernatural books out there, but the trilogy is decently written, intelligently carved and always entertaining.




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