Five things Friday: Where I will be for a while


It’s the Fifa Soccer World Cup Baby!

Although not fortunate enough to be in Brazil, I WILL be in front of my TV Binge watching as many soccer games as I can possibly find being shown at a respectable time in my country. (Fuuu Brazil, is it really necessary to be four/five hours behind us?! #rude)

Penny depicting my obsession perfectly

I love everything about soccer. It is:

1) so close to Hockey rules I understand it perfectly,

2) the guys are super hot – check this,

3) It is a beautiful game

4) Emotional and gut wrenching

5) I laugh and laugh at the dramatic behaviour of the players

This is a Five Things Friday post, so I will add the sixth point apart: It really makes me proud to remember what South-Africa did in 2010. It was the most AMAZING time in this country and the atmosphere was unbelievable. We showed the world what we can do when we put our minds to it, and I will never forget it. EVER.

Are you a soccer fan? Excited much?


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