Quotes for the week


You know,

I was feeling quite out of it and irritated with men in general when I googled “What do men want?”. I clicked on images (in hindsight this could have been traumatising), but found nothing in particular… because guess what? No one fucking knows what they want **


Then I Googled “Why are men such idiots?”


Obviously, there are many a lady wondering exactly the same thing.


Okay, since I’m feeling marginally better, I will state that I 1) did not google what women want, and 2) I know not all men are asses.

**It’s true, no one does

8 thoughts on “Quotes for the week

  1. I am so glad that you survived the search terms you Googled, it could have got really freaky! lol I was just watching last night, He’s Just Not That Into You, and your post reminded me of that movie, since it shows all the ways men and women think. Have you seen it? Men can suck sometime for sure, I feel ya sista!

    • I am so happy I survived it!

      I have and really liked it. What did you think of it? It really shows how different men and women see the world!

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