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Today is my youngest sister’s birthday! Happy birthday Melissa! Although we are six years apart, we are very close. Like all siblings, the three of us share code words, looks, inside jokes and a special language all of our own. For today’s post I bring you Five Reasons having a younger sister rocks:

You can pass unwanted advice down about just about everything.

Having a six year advantage has its advantages (see what I did there?). I just LOVE giving my opinion in general so giving advice on men, clothes, the weather, men, education, men and clothes is a favourite past time of mine.

Company when I need it

Which is pretty much always except when I like to celebrate my reclusive nature or am actually out with friends.

Advice right back

Which includes being told when I am being a brat.

I always enjoy that.

Similar interests

I know two people on the planet that shares my obsessive obsession with both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings – My bestie and my youngest sister. It is always fun discussing these two series, as well as others, with people who just gets it. HEY: If you love Potter or LoTR, let me know, you will gladly be allowed into the awesome club!

Sibling sympathy

There is no one else on earth that is able to sympathise with familial irritation better than your sisters.

Happy birthday little sister. I love you


10 thoughts on “Happy BIRTHAY LITTLE SISTER

  1. Did you just open our exclusive club to the world?! Oh fairest… 😛

    Such a cute post! Hope you guys have a good one and spoil the krokonokkie big time. Kokorotsi and I will be there in spirit, though one of us more so than the other 😉

  2. Awww how cute! My younger sis is 15 years younger than me! Gasp! And yes passing on advice and hanging out with them is probably the best thing ever. Do you force her to read your blog? I do lol. Now trying to convince her to make one. 🙂

    • Oh I see we both understand the LITTLE sister thing then! It is the best to pass on advice (wanted or not). She reads it now and again – she LOVED this post hahaha. She actually should start a blog – she loves movies and reading just as much as we do!

      • I know you gotta convince her! Mine doesn’t like books as much as me, but movies, yes, she is much more up to date on all the new stuff that comes out than me.

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