Top Ten Reasons I Like Chris Pine: Life of this City Girl

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Well howdy do folks? Looks like I still have Top Ten lists making their way to me, albeit sporadically (cough cough – yes, my attempt at huoour). At any rate, I think Natasha was having an absolute perve day when she decided to put together another list for me. This one is different than a lot of the others that I have done, seems that she wants to share her love here with us today! With little more, let me move this day over to Natasha!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!

Chris Pine: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

chris header

So I have made time in my enormously busy schedule…

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Thoughts 8.1

each other

Wow, how long has it been since I put a Thoughts post up?! I love writing these; it is a bit like writing an internet version of a diary (you know, since people are totes obsessed with what is happing in my life lol) but I forget about them/ have other things planned/ are lazy/ thoughts too inappropriate for the internet.

I am currently reading Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. This is the fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series and I have to say I am still having way too much fun with this. It is exactly the right type of book to read if you don’t want to break your brain. I am also reading Nora Roberts’ latest book, The Collector. Reading a new book by your favourite author is like holding a puppy, the pleasure is astronomical. So far, so good!

Series wise, I am watching Vampire Diaries Season 3. I watched it a while back, so the story is actually quite fresh – I remember only the major plot lines so the smaller plot lines are fun to follow. I am still on a Sherlock hangover, and I don’t think it will pass over soon. I reviewed season one here and two here, and the third should be going up sometime next week. I still need to put up my thoughts on the Mentalist Season 6, which will happen sometime in the next 50 years or so J

As for movies, I finally watched Frozen last week and it was so darn cute. I completely get the fan-base for the movie, and it is now one of the few animations I will watch again.

My Studies is going well – I have practicals for two weeks in September, and I am rather nervous about it. Chemistry is definitely one of the trickiest subjects I have and one in which I have the least experience. I have to start studying as well – I sincerely don’t want to stress myself out come October/November!

Random thoughts:

This one girl keeps calling me Natasher. I have no idea how to tell her there is no “er” to the end of my name. Sad, sad sigh. But, she also spells “Maternal”, “Martenal”, so she obviously has some issues with the letter R.

Why can’t people find solutions to their own problems before running to me? Really, do I look like I know everything? I do know a lot, but you have the answers for the questions you ask!

I actually broke my phone cover, and now I am living on the wild side until I get the chance to buy one again. I obviously need one, because really, who breaks a phone cover?

I am working on something rather exciting to replace my 5 Things Friday posts. 5 things was awesome and great fun, but it is feeling stale these days. Will let you know when it is more structured.

What is happening in your life lately? Tell me!

Movie Review: The Heat (2013)

the heat

FBI Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a highly skilled detective with a bitchy and condescending attitude that makes her very unpopular at the office. When a promotion is up, her boss tells her it might not happen because she is so unpopular, but that she still has a chance if she solves a case working with the Boston Police Department.

Another oddity is found at Boston PD – Detective Sharon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), whose detective skills is somewhat shadowed by her unconventional methods. Will the two unlikely partners solve the drug mystery and find the drug lord Larkin?

Rating: 5/10


I’ve been busy watching some really light hearted stuff recently; with everything that is going on in my life I really don’t need too much sadness right now. I thought The Heat would have some happy feels to it like Warm Bodies did, but alas, it did not.

I guess you can see from that rating that I didn’t like The Heat all that much. It is just too light-hearted. It is all about cops who never follow procedures, police brutality and general rudeness. The two lead stars are too talented to be caught in nonsense like this. I really don’t get why either Bullock or McCarthy needed this movie. Bullock is already established as a leading lady in some impressive movies and McCarthy IS a comedy actress but she can afford to choose roles where she isn’t always the dirty/unkempt person.

The movie’s retarded storyline could have been saved with a few simple things. If most of the police/FBI weren’t incompetent fools, if the drug dealers weren’t portrayed as silly things and if Sandra Bullock’s character had some sort or redeeming quality things would have been a lot better. Bullock seems very keen to play a washed out cop, and yet she fails to do it with the charm she did Miss Congeniality. I can’t even say she was prissy – the word prissy implicates something cute and annoying, yet she was just annoying.

Director Paul Feig also directed Bridesmaids, and I really hated that too, so I think it is a given that I should steer clear from his movies generally. The movie is two hours long, and it seems very stupid for any comedy to run such times.

Recommendation: Meh

Book Review: Living Dead in Dallas (Charlaine Harris)

living dead

Sookie Stackhouse is still dating the vampire Bill Compton, and still works as a waitress in Merlotte’s bar in Bon Temps, a small town in Louisana. With Bill’s new position in the vampire ranks they can live in relative surety that the Sheriff of the vampire Area Five, Eric Northman, will honour their relationship and not try and seduce Sookie.

Sookie’s friend and co-worker Lafayette is found murdered in the sheriff’s car, although Andy Bellefleur was taken home by his sister that night, suspicion does arise that Andy might have murdered the black, gay man, two unacceptable qualities to the primitive minds of some of the Bon Temps residents. Andy’s sister, Portia, asks Sookie to read the minds of the people and maybe find the true killer that way. Although Sookie doesn’t like the Bellefleurs much, she agrees to avenge her friend’s murder. Sookie starts looking for a secretive sex-club that has started in Bon Temps because Lafayette had bragged about attending one of their get-togethers, and was murdered shortly after his first visit.

Sookie is summoned by Eric for a job, and on the way there she is attacked by a maenad, a demon that wants Eric to offer up a tribute to her. The maenad attacks Sookie as a message to Eric, and both Bill and Eric are worried about the maenad’s presence, something Eric admits can be troublesome. The two vampires clean up Sookie well enough and promise to find an appropriate offering for the maenad to placate her.

Eric explains the mission: he is “loaning” her out to the Dallas vampire community to find Ferrell, one of their coven mates who went missing. Sookie agrees to head over to Dallas to read the minds of the humans there and search for Ferrell if Bill can accompany her.

In Dallas, Sookie learns about a new fanatical cult that is determined to rid the world of vampires. She is betrayed and kept captive in the cult’s basement, and a strange, suicidal vampire helps her escape and carry the news to her friends.

Will Sookie find the missing vampire in Dallas? How will the Fellowship retaliate? Who murdered Lafayette and can they be apprehended to clear the Sheriff’s name?

Rating: 7/10

Another short and quick read, Dead in Dallas is exactly the type of addicting literature that I love. It is so fast to get through, it is just on the right side of fluffy to not break your brain but keep you interested, and it has the supernatural element alongside the romance. I really like that each book has an entirely new story – the complete set of books don’t run one theme the entire time. It keeps the books fun with a new adventure each time.

I am becoming such a fan of Sookie Stackhouse. She isn’t insanely book smart but she is street smart and sure of who she is, and believes enough in herself to stand up for who she is and what she believes in.

Eric Northman is such a hilarious brat of a character. The word “NO” is not in his realm of understanding and he couldn’t care less about the trivialities of the human nature. I respect him because while he is underhanded in his attempts to seduce Sookie he waits for her clearance and respects her “NO”, which is very surprising.

Bill Compton is a bit of a pain in my ass sometimes, although I generally enjoy him. He is very possessive but at the same time leaves Sookie in danger and won’t change his most annoying ways.

The books are well written in this series and that scores major points with me. I haven’t found any grammar mistakes or any ridiculous repeated phrases.

My only issue is a ridiculous one, and it is that the vampires have to sleep during the day. I mean that could really have not been in the books, you know? Would have made things a lot more fun!

Have you read these books? What did you think?

Sherlock (Season 2)

s2 poster

Sherlock and Watson barely make it out alive after their first meeting with the criminal mastermind Jim Moriarti, who receives a phone call and leaves before having them executed by his snipers.

Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older, disapproving and very powerful brother calls on Sherlock and Watson to help retrieve photos from the infamous dominatrix Irene Adler (Lara Pulver). Sherlock and Irene clash from the start and their chemistry is obvious, but they clash heads because Irene is not willing to give away the information she claims keeps her alive and safe from vengeful rich and powerful clients. Sherlock acquires the phone, but another obstacle waits: unlocking the booby-trapped phone without accidentally destroying the memory card in it. Irene betrays Sherlock in a terrible way, and it foils a counter-terrorism operation the British Government has been planning for ages. Mycroft is furious and is now being blackmailed by Irene, but Sherlock manages to decipher her very surprising password. Irene flees and is later presumed dead, and Watson and Mycroft are worried to tell Sherlock what happened to her, although they do not know that Sherlock knows exactly what happened to Irene.


Henry Knight (Russell Tovey) contacts Sherlock for help in his father’s death. Henry saw his father die as a child and is sure that the man was murdered by an escaped genetically modified hound that was “grown” at a Ministry of Defence testing site in Baskerville. Sherlock and Watson agree to investigate and find themselves in Dartmoor, a town which is flourishing under the tourist trade the “hound” created. As time progress, both Sherlock and Watson start to believe the rumours of the Hound, and Sherlock is particularly upset that he can’t explain this away with his logic. Detective Lestrade also shows up and together the three gentlemen start investigating if what they are seeing is in actual fact, true.

moriarti 2

Moriarti is finally back after disappearing for a while, and he enters the public eye in a most fascinating way. Immediately arrested, he begins taunting Sherlock once more and soon Sherlock must not only work to offset the chaos Moriarti creates and protect the people he loves, he must also work to save his name, because Moriarti is the only man as sharp as Sherlock and therefore one of the only possible people to ever outsmart him, and Moriarti is using every case Sherlock did to turn Sherlock to shame. Will Sherlock be able to finally outsmart his most dangerous enemy?

Rating: 8.5/10

I have to admit that while I enjoyed season one, I really did not really understand why everyone was raging about the series. I had some form of emotional detachment (or maybe it was just sheer exhaustion) going on, and didn’t really connect, especially with the first episode.

Season 2 was amazing. Freeman and Cumberbatch once again lead the show with brilliant finesse and impeccable performances. I can’t decide who is better in here – they are both so perfect for their respective roles. The best about their relationship is that Watson is a doctor – a profession that can be argued as the most intelligent of our professions – and yet Sherlock still sees him as average minded. The funniest is that people suspect them of being “together”, and how they just learned to live with it.

Moriarti – is this perhaps the villain of the century? A villain who is cruel is repulsive; a villain who is smart is fascinating. Andrew Scott fascinated me with his performance – his facial expressions, the voice that kept changing, and the sheer madness that radiated from his entire being. The last episode was a killer! I think I may have been as stressed with the final capturing of Red John as I was with this.

Things I loved about Season 2

sherlock and moriarti

So, I complained about the length of the episodes of Season One in my first review, but surprisingly enough it didn’t bother me in the second season in the slightest. Each episode had an enormous amount of things going for it, the story, the characters, and the drama.

Benedict Cumberbatch is as gorgeous and talented as usual. I really wish that he never takes on a mediocre role; such talent should not be wasted on trivial matters. His portrayal as Sherlock Holmes is so perfect, he really looks like a highly functioning sociopath and I can listen to his voice until the end of time.

Mark Gatiss: Mycroft Holmes is SO British. I love his character ridiculously much, the way his face sets in lines of disapproval automatically with Sherlock is hysterical to see. Mycroft is obviously incredibly important and he certainly knows it, and yet he still has that sweet spot for his brother he allows no one to see.

Andrew Scott: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I loved Jim Moriarti so much. He is still as mad as a hatter and completely off his rocker; he is the brilliant masterminded criminal we have been waiting for on the small screen for decades.

Martin Freeman: I feel if I don’t say anything about him it would be so unfair. He is still probably my favourite character in the show. He has endless patience, but when it snaps he is epically funny. I love his military stance and his incredible heart and understanding for the things Sherlock can’t begin to comprehend, human emotions and the soul behind everything.

Episode three gave all the feels: My nails and my heart will NEVER be the same again. Without giving too much away I was incredibly worried that they would do something and make the next season about previous events and I was like HELLLLLLLLLLL no this would be the equivalent of killing Tyrion Lannister. That episode had be laughing, stressing, tearing up and gaping in horrified silence at the screen and feeling feelings for Sherlock and what he was going through.

Molly is like fungi: Yep, I compared a perfectly nice person to green goo, but hear me out: this character started out as a silly little girl with an enormous crush on a man that really wasn’t noticing her (I am sure most of us has felt like that some time or another) but she evolved and showed her true colours, which were honest and loyal.

Things I didn’t like:

Pffft, don’t even play. I loved it all and am already planning to rewatch!

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: I Confess (1953) – Life of this City Girl

Here is my last try for the Hitchcock blogathon Zoë and Rob hosted. Thanks for letting me take part guys!

The Sporadic Chronicles


Well howdy do, folks? I have great pleasure in welcoming Natasha back today for another review in this ongoing Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. She previously did Suspicion, and it was her first foray into Hitchcock. Let’s see if she liked I Confess as much as Suspicion!

I confess Poster

I Confess (1953) – My second venture into the world of Hitchcock

Well, Hello! I am back with my second and last instalment the Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon. Thanks for letting me take part in this Bestie and Rob. I love trying new (or very old in this case) things. It is part of my whole 2014 plan to be open to things I wouldn’t have explored initially, and very old movies fit perfectly.

I have to say I didn’t have the reservations about watching I Confess that I had watching Suspicion. I now have a bit of understanding how such an old…

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Book Review: Dead Until Dark (Charlaine Harris)

dead until dark

Sookie Stackhouse lives in Bon Temps, Louisiana, where she works as a waitress in Merlotte’sBar. Although pretty, she is regarded as “mad” because of her ability to read people’s thoughts. She works with her friend Arlene, and her boss, Sam Merlotte, has a crush on her, although he is always very respectful about it and her gifts.

After the successful manufacturing of synthetic blood vampires are out in the open and everyone is aware that they exist. There are three viewpoints on their existence: they must die or they are treated like gods or people are somewhat indifferent about it. Sookie in between thinking they are celebrities and not caring about what they do. She is excited when she meets Bill Compton, a 173 old vampire who is trying to fit in between humans. Initially she saves his life, then he saves hers, and they are soon romantically involved.

A series of murders on young women in Bon Temps happen and everyone starts suspecting the vampire. Bill explains to Sookie that a vampire would drain the body of blood, making sure not to waste a droplet of it. She believes him, but the fact remains that there are people in town who would hurt vampires – shown when another vampire dwelling is burnt down overnight.

Sookie’s brother Jason becomes a suspect because he had sexual relations with all the victims. He begs Sookie to use her mind reading abilities to find the killer, but that means that Sookie needs to embrace her powers and not suppress them, as she usually would.

As Sookie investigates the murders, she heads to a vampire bar, where she meets the mysterious vampire Eric Northman. He is obviously in some position of power as Bill respects him, but Sookie is unimpressed by his attitude and looks. Eric notices that Sookie is immune to his “glamor”, a form of compulsion, and this only makes him more curious. Realising what she can do, he soon requests her to help find a criminal that stole from his pub.

Will Sookie’s help be enough for Eric? Who is killing the girls in Bon Temps? Is Sookie and Bill’s relationship safe in their two perilously balanced worlds?

Rating: 7/10

So here it is: a little miracle on my blog. I have finally managed to get my brain back on a level where I can read new material. I reread the Nora Roberts Inn Boonsboro trilogy last week, and it was enormous fun, but it didn’t result in any literature post as I’ve already done it.

Zoë suggested that I read these books – a form of romance she actually likes, and I decided to give it a try.

This book had some good things going for it: The characters are all strong, the female lead can protect herself as well and also her boyfriend if needs be, the story is original. I like the direction that the author took – what if vampires existed and humanity knew about it? I like the length of the book (short) – a thick novel would not have worked with the material.

I enjoyed Sookie Stackhouse (you were completely right there, friend). She is no genius and obviously a bit cooked, but she is fearless and will stand up for herself and say what she wants.

This was a fun, sexy book, easy to enjoy and no one was breaking their brains trying to understand the plot and subplot and who is related to who (I love books like that, but sometimes you need to revert to the simple life of vampires)

I had a nice giggle with the whole vampire version of AIDS – I have been overthinking a vampire’s reaction to infected blood for ages and I am glad some author tried to give a way as to the effect it would have on vamps.

Recommendation: I don’t think a lot of men will enjoy it, so girls, go give it a try!

We’re the Millers (2013)

were the millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small time drug dealer. He lives in an apartment building with the socially awkward Kenny (Will Poulter) and Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper. When he helps runaway Casey (Emma Roberts) when they try to rob her, he himself is robbed and loses his entire stash of weed and backup cash. His drug supplier says if David collects some weed in Mexico, all will be forgiven, and David creates a daring plan, needing the help of Kenny, Rose and Casey to act like his family, and they present themselves as the suburbanite family The Millers.

Will David and his delinquents be able to pull it off? Especially with the surprise presence of a DEA officer and his family?

Rating: 6/10

The Millers was really not a bad movie if you look at it with the knowledge that it is cheap humour and isn’t trying to be something more. The desperate attempts to be very funny and offensive worked in some places.

I personally love Jason Sudeikis – he is cute in such an everyday kind of way and has can be rather funny. Jennifer Aniston usually is either super annoying or tolerable, and in here she is tolerable. She is still astoundingly beautiful and she has some ability as an actress. Emma Roberts isn’t on the level of her aunt in regards to acting but she was fine in here – sulky teenager roles suit her to the ground. I loved seeing Ron Swanson again – he always brings such fun to any project he is involved in.

The story line is naturally ridiculous and makes such a joke of the American police system. It makes inappropriate jokes about nationality, sexuality and crime, the cheap tricks of easy humour. I did actually laugh in a few places, so they didn’t make a mess of things, and while there are some cheesy moments and even more predictable ones, I had a good time.

It is a bit long for comedy – two hours, but fun to watch at the end of the day.

I enjoyed this movie, probably not something I will watch again, but not bad overall.

Recommended if you need an easy laugh.

A-Z Book Survey


A-Z Book Survey

Zoë and Kim put up these two excellent posts about their book surveys, and I LOVED the idea, so I decided to be uber original and copy them! Reading is one of my all-time passions. When I truly discover a new book I go all reclusive and stay hidden for days. Nothing beats the rush of imagining what the author creates – reading is the true creation of an inspired mind, to my thought.

So, without further ado:

Author you’ve read the most books from:

Nora Roberts

Best Sequel Ever:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – JK Rowling. The Deathly Hallows was hands down the most epic finale a series ever received, and mostly likely will.

Currently Reading: 

Living Dead in Dallas – Charlaine Harris

Drink of Choice While Reading:

books and coffee

Coffee – I am such a typical book addict. Give me coffee and a book and I am happy!

E-reader or Physical Book:

Physical. If I read from my tablet, my eyes get really sore, so I always choose the hard copy if I can get it. Although I would definitely E-read if it is my only option!

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated in High School:

Hmmm…probably Ron Weasley. Everyone loves a sincere goofball, and he has such a good heart!

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert. I am notorious for hating self-help books in any form (I think the authors are pompous and self-righteous to try and fix me – yeah) I thought this book would also be a self-help book, or maybe even worse, a “look-at-me-I’m-so-amazing”, type of book, but it wasn’t at all. It taught me a lot about dealing with grief, being open to other opinions and understanding that someone’s perfect life is never as it seems.

Hidden Gem Book:

Mushy Peas on Toast – Laurian Conrad. Laurian Conrad is a South-African writer that hasn’t published a second book yet (sad sighs). She has a rather great blog with the same name, and this author is simply hilarious, writing about being a young professional in South-Africa and all the madness in our lives. I really love this book and have to return to it every few months.

Important Moment in Your Reading Life:

harry potter

Reading Harry Potter. It is not only one of the most important reading experiences; I will say it is just an important life experience. These books taught me everything – kindness, compassion, empathy and kick-started my love for books.

I have to mention anything written by Enid Blyton, especially the Secret Seven books. Blyton and Rowling are two authors in the same boat – incredible writing and ingenious creativity.

Just Finished:

Dead until Dark – Charlaine Harris

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

Self-help, as discussed. EUGH

Longest Book You’ve Read:

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.

Major Book Hangover Because of:


I have to admit I had one after finishing the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy by Nora Roberts for the second time. I was heartbroken that I had to leave three such fun characters and their male counterparts and the beautiful inn they created.

Number of Bookcases You Own:

One overcrowded on and three shelves full of books, with an additional 50 books stored in multiple locations.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:


If I like a book, I will likely reread it more than once. But Angel’s Fall by Nora Roberts spring to mind, as well as the Potter series, Vampire Academy and Bloodlines.

Preferred Place to Read:

My bed.

Quote that Inspires You/Gives You All The Feels From a Book You’ve Read:

Molly Weasley’s duel with Bellatrix Lestrange, The Gryffindor Quidditch Team winning the House Cup for the first time in The Prisoner of Azkaban, Charlie Weasley overtaking Horace Slughorn to reach the Battle of Hogwarts, Snape’s secret.

Obviously I have a lot of feels for Potter.

Reading Regret:

Not finishing Jane Eyre. I should really get on to that again. I always feel so judged by the books I don’t finish, them staring at me with outrage in their eyes and broken hearts.

I also regret reading the first two books in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. What complete and utter bullshit.

Series You Started and Need to Finish (all books are out in series):

Southern Vampires – Charlaine Harris.

Three of Your All-Time Favorite Books:

The Witness – Nora Roberts

This Charming Man – Marian Keyes

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Unapologetic Fangirl for:

Nora Roberts. This woman has such jaw dropping talent combining romance and horror.

Very Excited for this Release more than the Others:


Book to Movie – Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. The first two movies were beautifully adapted and I am really eager for the last two in the franchise! I can also freely admit my excitement skyrocketed after hearing that Lorde was doing the theme song – that spooky voice of hers will rock!

Worst Bookish Habits:

Reading several books at once. If I have a book I am reading on tablet, I will have another hardcopy for places where I can’t take my tablet, like the bath, and I really shouldn’t read in the bath as the steam damages the spines.

Not putting them back onto the bookshelf, leaving them lying everywhere.

X Marks the Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

Nora Roberts – Carolina Moon

Your Latest Book Purchase:

A faint cold fear – Karin Slaughter. I’ve read it about 60% and it is staring at me with its’ judgy little eyes.

Zzz-Snatcher Book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

Everything I read, but Dead in Dallas is keeping me up right now.

Please keep this awesome post idea running! Feel free to make one of your own 🙂

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Suspicion (1941) – Life of this City Girl

I participated in Rob and Zoe’s Alfred Hitchcock blogathon! Thanks for letting me take part guys!

The Sporadic Chronicles


My best Kidney joins us today for the Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. Natasha is someone most of you are familiar with, if not, head on over and check out her wares on Life of this City Girl, touting book reviews, movie reviews, series write ups and a whole lot more! She kindly took two Hitchcock films for this blogathon, never having seen a Hitchcock film and also never having seen a Cary Grant flick. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone there!

suspicion poster

Well, here it is: my first installment of the Hitchcock film Zoë and Rob is hosting. I told Zoë to just pick two and that I would watch it. She was nice enough to suggest two that weren’t silent films and I am eternally grateful. I cannot see myself watching silent films any time soon. I was interested in participating because I have never seen a Hitchcock film and…

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