Five things Friday: Five completely random thoughts

Happy Friday!

Some completely random thoughts, all by me!



1. Something hipsters need to stop doing: Sitting in the window seat of the aeroplane.

Everyone does it, so why are you following the mainstream?

2. To the atrocious girl at my work who told the new girl she is fat: YOU ARE HORRIBLE. And go take a look at yourself before you start giving opinions of others.

3. I fell on my left thumb as a child and it was bent for about two years before I had it surgically fixed. Now, with the repetitive motion of unscrewing things it is starting to throb like hell. Wondering what I should do about this?

4. The Pilanesberg National Park in South-Africa is so beautiful. I spent my last weekend there and saw the most beautiful scenery I have yet come across (and if you have been blessed like I have to watch the waves crash the shore at Jeffreysbay, South-Africa, you have seen some astounding beauty). I was lucky enough to see a black and a white rhino (poor, peaceful beauties that broke my heart), elephants, baby leopards playing, and tons of other animals. Thoroughly recommended.

5. I am going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow night. Really excited, but more so because I am going to see it in IMAX – #newExperiences


5 thoughts on “Five things Friday: Five completely random thoughts

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, you will have to tell us how the movie turns out. Also post pics from the National park, I’d love to see that! And yes hipsters are annoying.

    • It was really nice thanks! I definitely will. Was planning to put up some pics and then the day got away from me haha, will put some up soon

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