Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Suspicion (1941) – Life of this City Girl

I participated in Rob and Zoe’s Alfred Hitchcock blogathon! Thanks for letting me take part guys!

The Sporadic Chronicles


My best Kidney joins us today for the Alfred Hitchcock blogathon. Natasha is someone most of you are familiar with, if not, head on over and check out her wares on Life of this City Girl, touting book reviews, movie reviews, series write ups and a whole lot more! She kindly took two Hitchcock films for this blogathon, never having seen a Hitchcock film and also never having seen a Cary Grant flick. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone there!

suspicion poster

Well, here it is: my first installment of the Hitchcock film Zoë and Rob is hosting. I told Zoë to just pick two and that I would watch it. She was nice enough to suggest two that weren’t silent films and I am eternally grateful. I cannot see myself watching silent films any time soon. I was interested in participating because I have never seen a Hitchcock film and…

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