Thoughts 8.1

each other

Wow, how long has it been since I put a Thoughts post up?! I love writing these; it is a bit like writing an internet version of a diary (you know, since people are totes obsessed with what is happing in my life lol) but I forget about them/ have other things planned/ are lazy/ thoughts too inappropriate for the internet.

I am currently reading Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris. This is the fourth book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series and I have to say I am still having way too much fun with this. It is exactly the right type of book to read if you don’t want to break your brain. I am also reading Nora Roberts’ latest book, The Collector. Reading a new book by your favourite author is like holding a puppy, the pleasure is astronomical. So far, so good!

Series wise, I am watching Vampire Diaries Season 3. I watched it a while back, so the story is actually quite fresh – I remember only the major plot lines so the smaller plot lines are fun to follow. I am still on a Sherlock hangover, and I don’t think it will pass over soon. I reviewed season one here and two here, and the third should be going up sometime next week. I still need to put up my thoughts on the Mentalist Season 6, which will happen sometime in the next 50 years or so J

As for movies, I finally watched Frozen last week and it was so darn cute. I completely get the fan-base for the movie, and it is now one of the few animations I will watch again.

My Studies is going well – I have practicals for two weeks in September, and I am rather nervous about it. Chemistry is definitely one of the trickiest subjects I have and one in which I have the least experience. I have to start studying as well – I sincerely don’t want to stress myself out come October/November!

Random thoughts:

This one girl keeps calling me Natasher. I have no idea how to tell her there is no “er” to the end of my name. Sad, sad sigh. But, she also spells “Maternal”, “Martenal”, so she obviously has some issues with the letter R.

Why can’t people find solutions to their own problems before running to me? Really, do I look like I know everything? I do know a lot, but you have the answers for the questions you ask!

I actually broke my phone cover, and now I am living on the wild side until I get the chance to buy one again. I obviously need one, because really, who breaks a phone cover?

I am working on something rather exciting to replace my 5 Things Friday posts. 5 things was awesome and great fun, but it is feeling stale these days. Will let you know when it is more structured.

What is happening in your life lately? Tell me!

11 thoughts on “Thoughts 8.1

  1. Ha, still suffering a Sherlock hangover myself, and you KNOW how much I have gone through since I finished it. NOTHING is satisfying though 😦 Glad to hear that you are enjoying those Stackhouse novels, they are too entertaining, and they have no right to be!

  2. Kidney!!

    “Why can’t people find solutions to their own problems before running to me? ”

    Why won’t my company just fix the second elevator????


  3. Ohh lovely Natasha! People always come to me with problems too, I know so many people’s deepest, darkest secrets. Why do they tell me I wonder? Are you a good listener? I would bet that you are and that is why they come to you.

    A book is like a new puppy, I just sighed awwwwwwww. A little newborn pup just waiting to be played with and read and a perfect little snuggle buddy. I mentioned on Z woman’s post, I could not get into the Sookie books. I don’t know maybe it is because I know the show too well. But I am glad you gals like it! Having a messed up phone sucks so bad, mine was dying from June to like 3 weeks ago. I finally had to give in and get a new one. UGH seriously phone probs suck. Nothing too exciting is going on in my world. I am in the process of moving, should be done this weekend, so I have been stressed and tired. But looking forward to being done. 🙂

  4. There’s still a few more enjoyable books to the Sookie Stackhouse series to prepare for a bit more fun. Its really the last few that drag out a little 😉 I really need to give Nora Roberts a shot.

    Frozen is a great movie! I just think about it and crap, “Do You want to build a snowman?” starts going off in my head…Its 30 degrees outside and we get more winter than we want so I’m sure no one wants to build a snowman..haha!

    My next series, after catching up with Arrow will be Season 3 of Sherlock. And then its probably Vampire Diaries. I skipped the last season completely. Except for like maybe the first 2 episodes. As for The Mentalist, I love that show so I always wonder how I fell so behind. 3 Seasons to catch up on…ughh… Why isn’t there more time?

    • You must!! I really enjoy her books.

      Oh my goodness yes! That is the most addictive song ever. I really enjoyed that movie. So sweet man.

      SHERLOCK!! It is the best series I have ever watched. Oh, and Vampire Diaries Season 1-3 is so excellent… where are you now with it? Haha I definitely agree on the time problem… so much to do, so little time 😦

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