Frozen (2013)


Anna and Elsa, two princesses in the Kingdom of Arendelle are the best of sisters and friends. Elsa has the startling ability of freezing things, and she and Anna have a great time playing with her powers. Anna is accidentally injured during one of these playtimes, and Elsa and their parents rush to the trolls to save Anna. The trolls say they are lucky that the ice went to Anna’s head and not to her heart, as ice in the heart kills. Anna returns, safe, but Elsa is now too afraid of her powers to play with her sister, and the two drift apart. Their parents are killed and they are alone, and yet Elsa still refuses to reconnect with her only remaining family member.

Years later it is time for Elsa’s inauguration as Queen. Anna meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, and immediately falls for him. They plan to wed, but her sister refuses to give permission as they only met each other. A fight ensues and Elsa accidentally sets of a catastrophic winter. She flees the city, and Anna feels very guilty that she provoked her sister. She makes plans to go to her sister and fix the problem and restore summer. Anna leaves Prince Hans in charge and sets out to find her sister, and meets Kristoff on the way, a young guy who makes a living by selling ice – something not really needed in such terrible winter. AccompanyingKristoff is his moose Sven, and the two are very tight. Anna is pretty sure her sister will listen to her, but she doesn’t know that Elsa has built herself an ice fortress and is rather happy with being by herself and not hurting anyone. They fight, and Elsa accidentally shoots ice into Anna’s heart, the very thing the troll had warned them against.

Kristoff takes Anna back to the troll where they hear that only an act of true love can thaw Anna’s heart now. Kristoff realises he needs to take Anna back to Prince Hans, who now has Elsa under lock and key.

Kristoff leaves Anna in Prince Hans’s care, and walks away, even though it is killing him because he has started to love her. Sven refuses to let this happen and Kristoff turns around, which is just as well because Prince Hans has revealed he only wants Anna for her lineage and throne, and now that she is dying and her sister is imprisoned, he doesn’t need to pretend anymore that he cares for her at all.

Will Kristoff reach Anna in time to save her heart? Will his kiss work the magic so desperately needed? Can Elsa reverse the winter she caused?

Rating: 7.5/10


Definition of Animation: Things Natasha only watches under duress.

Anyhoo, I have been hearing tons of adorable things about this movie, and everyone has been nagging me to watch it, and I eventually gave in because the day really called for frivolity.

It was quite good, and I will put it under my list of animation movies that make me happy when I watch it. I can see myself watching this again.

The things underlined: This is everything I could find in the movie that points to Disney changing its story on who saves who in life. They are working desperately hard to reverse the damage they did when they told little girls for decades, that you need a man to save you. These girls are doing it for themselves, and I say go for it!

I love the relationship between Elsa and Anna, even though Elsa is a brat most way through because of her powers. The two ladies prove that a sisterly bond is strong enough to equal true love, and I love and appreciate that as the people I love the most in this world is my two sisters.

I really enjoyed the singing – the songs itself were cute, funny, appropriate to the characters and original.

Olaf was also ridiculously cute. Does anyone else feel that currently all movies have these cute creatures in and that the producers are scared their movie will fail without some sort of an awwww feature? I mean, look at Toothless, Olaf, Groot, etc. The list is endless!

Have you seen/not seen it? Tell me!

5 thoughts on “Frozen (2013)

  1. Meh, I agree with this statement wholeheartedly: “Definition of Animation: Things Natasha only watches under duress.” – I am the same. I really, really cannot just sit down and watch an animation. Not a fan hey.

    But I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this one so much.

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