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Happy Monday everyone!

To kickstart this blogathon, please help me in welcoming Rob, the owner of the epic blog Movierob. This guy is the king of movie watching – he is closing in on a 1000 movies reviewed on his blog! (?!?! I am also a bit awed) There are still movies open for reviewing – see the updated post here

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“What kind of a thing have I turned in to? ” – The Thing

Number of Times Seen – 1 (4 Sep 2014)

Brief Synopsis – 4 astronauts get super powers following an accident in space.

My Take on it – Watching the way that Marvel and DC have been making great movies from their comics has made me feel nostalgic for checking out how bad some of the older attempts turned out.

Natasha’s new series has given me the opportunity to check out the first incarnation of the Marvel foursome, The Fantastic Four.

This VERY campy superhero movie from the 90’s makes it perfectly clear as to why it took more than a decade more to move things up a notch in the genre.

The special effects are horrendous!

The acting is very stiff and none of the actors manage to get their lines across in a normal thespian manner and ultimately the story is presented in a very silly way.

I read that this movie was only made in order for the studio to not lose its right to a future franchise.

Not sure why they would want to start a franchise on a crappy note, but hey, lots of crappy movies are made.  Actually when I think about it, there are probably more horrendous movies out there than great ones (if that weren’t true, Eric of the IPC would never have any fodder for his ShitFest series) 🙂

This movie is not memorable in any way shape or fashion besides the fact that it was somewhat funny how they seem to take themselves so seriously.

Basically, stay away from this unless u wanna laugh at a superhero movie!

Bottom Line – Very Campy 90’s superhero movie that should only be watched knowing that it’s terrible in order to laugh at it.

Rating – Razzie Worthy (2/10)

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