Book Review: Nightshade (Nora Roberts)


Althea Grayson is a top notch cop. She works hard, is loyal and trustworthy, and even con-men seem to sense that she is a good and honest person. When one of her snitches is shot dead, Althea feels personally responsible even though she wasn’t even on the scene. Althea spots a man at the scene that clearly doesn’t belong in such a seedy part of town – Colt Nightshade.

Colt, a man of many talents, chooses to spend some of his time looking for Lizzy – a friend’s teenager daughter who took off after a tiff with her parents. After her parents received a letter from an anonymous prostitute telling them that Lizzy is in deep trouble, they request Colt’s help and he accepts. Captain Boyd Fletcher, an old friend of Althea and Colt, tells them to work together to find Lizzy and hopefully break the deadly pornography ring.

Althea and Colt start working together, and through fits and starts form a bond stronger than they could have imagined. Althea seems to know about too much about what Lizzy’s is going through, but she won’t open up to Colt and that frustrates him. Can they find the young girl and bust the horrific prostitution ring? Will Althea share the story of her miserable youth?

Rating: 7/10

I purchased this book without realizing that I had previously read someone else’s copy, so I was just a bit bummed about not ultimately reading new material. BUT, it was a good read and I had read it a while back so some of the things I had completely forgotten.

I really enjoyed Nightshade. It is a quick read, fast paced and not cluttered with unnecessary events. The big plot line made me really sad, because child pornography is probably the most horrific thing ever invented.

I really enjoyed Althea’s character. Save her very weird name, she was a powerful woman who was capable of taking care of herself. She excelled at her job, had a passion for it, and didn’t need a man to save the day. Colt Nightshade was entertaining and charming, and I liked that he had so many interests in life. I also liked how he had to deal with the fact that he couldn’t always be her night in shining armor!

I’ve discovered that there are quite a few books in this series, and I can’t wait to get to them and read the rest!


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