Book Review: Night Shift (Nora Roberts)

night shift

Rising DJ Cilla O’Roarke loves her late night shows on radio station KHIP. She gets to be with her music and be alone, which she likes best, and can still take care of her younger sister Deborah who is studying to become a lawyer. Cilla’s illusion of safety is shattered one night when she receives a threatening phone call through the station’s caller program. Telling herself that it was a onetime thing, she receives more phone calls and it quickly becomes a nightly occurrence. She is promised death as retribution for her crimes, but Cilla has no idea what these crimes could possibly be. Eventually, her station manager decides to call in the help of the police – wisely ignoring the DJ’s protest that she can handle it herself.

The police arrive in the forms of detectives Althea Grayson and Boyd Fletcher. Cilla is somewhat daunted by Althea’s staggering beauty and Boyd’s easy charm and obvious interest. Ignoring Boyd’s advances is not as easy as Cilla would have liked, because she actually feels something for the first time in ages for a man. Accepting her attraction to Boyd would mean dealing with the scars of her divorce and the insecurities that have plagued her ever since.

While their feelings deepen, the stalker becomes more verbally aggressive than previously, and starts showing up at Cilla’s house and private gigs she hosts. Can they the man who thinks he needs to meet out justice against an innocent woman? What is in Cilla’s past that could have caused this behaviour? Is the endangered lady capable of overcoming her insecurities and accepting the love Boyd is offering?

Rating: 6.5/10

Hmm, wow. My initial draft of this post was SO sarcastic, and I have no idea why. I really had such a nice time reading this book. I’ve been reading the series somewhat out of order but could still follow easily enough (Nora Roberts’ books have very predictable story lines).

It is typical Nora material – interesting, sexy, well written and researched. These books are all very 90’s – women who were starting to do it for themselves but still wanted a man to save the day. I always enjoy a chilly stalker, and the villain in here was rather terrifying a few times. I enjoyed Boyd – he was easy going, charming and sure of himself, without being the “deep, emotional thinker” that loves to be present in books but so rarely really exists.

It has its own element of fantasy – I mean a rich cop (or more accurately, in SA, an HONEST cop), but Nora did not write books in the 80’s based on their believability!

Recommendation: Only to established fans.


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