Halloween Week: Cry Wolf


Plot: Eight unsuspecting high school seniors at a posh boarding school, who delight themselves on playing games of lies, come face-to-face with terror and learn that nobody believes a liar – even when they’re telling the truth. (via IMDb)

So much cute in this pic!
               So much cute in this pic!

Scare O’Meter: 1/5 – The equivalent of having to listen to more of the Oscar Pistorius Case

Rating: 6/10 

rating 1

Cry Wolf was better than expected. When the friend I visited mentioned that it is a good movie I was like erm, YOU were the one that told me Grown Ups 2 is funny, but persistent was the friend and we watched it. The movie is obviously low budget, but the actors acted just fine, the horror wasn’t too much (I don’t even think classifying this as horror is correct), and it had a few tinges of scary but not enough to keep me awake. I enjoyed Jared Padalecki much more in here as in Supernatural, because he wasn’t shedding a damn tear every time something scary happened. Seeing Ian Morris pre-Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon a Time was fun – his British accent is the best thing ever to happen and he just seems so sweet. Jon Bon Jovi plays the sleazy teacher in here, and he surprised me the most with his acting chops. He did the slick, slimy teacher so well I was repulsed all the time, which was something they were aiming for.

I could have told everyone in that school that Dodger was Dodgy, because she looked the part, played the part and was generally a spoiled rich girl in desperate need of attention. I really didn’t like her much, because the tricks she pulled werenot that far from the manipulative lengths a lot of women of a certain calibre would pull if they wanted something their way.

The movie didn’t drag its’ butt so it gets major points there, and the storyline was clearly outlined and not immersed in a pool of confusion, something that happens way too much with low budget films. It had a nice little plot twist near the end, something completely surprising, at least to me, which made a lot of things more realistic that had happened earlier on.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Week: Cry Wolf

  1. Kidney!!

    You know, I’ve never seen this one…. I should check it out, for posterity 🙂

    LOVE your graphic!!!!!


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  3. Kidney!

    LOL look at Wren and Sam together hahaha. Gotta say, douche as he was and definitely not my cup of tea in the looks department, that accent sure is nice 😛


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