Halloween Week: Five Things Friday: Scary Supernatural Episodes


So, boohoo, the scariest month of the year is drawing to a close. I never thought I would get so into getting jumping out of my skin, but these past few years I have been having such fun with Halloween parties I realised I did need to see some horrors as well, if only for the whole experiencing new things in 2014 mission.

Well, I did, but not nearly enough! I watched The Woman in Black, a movie who made me question my belief that all horrors are low budget and badly done. I LOVED this movie really, and it gave me some exceptional chills. The other Horror/Thriller I stumbled across was Cry Wolf, and although it didn’t scare me a bit, I had some fun watching it!

This year for Halloween we are having a movie marathon at a friend’s house, so you can rest assured I will be reviewing some horrors in November. (PS: It’s effing NOVEMBER, folks)

Today’s Five things post revolves around one of my favorite series out there, Supernatural. I am not going to lie, I only watched until season 5, because my beloved trustworthy informants let me know that anything from season 6 would not make me the happiest bug out there. So without further ado, here are some very jumpity jump moments Supernatural gave poor innocent me:

Season 1, Episode 10 (Asylum)


rating 3Season one was the absolute best, a season where no supernatural element got repeated twice and the producers had a truckload of things to explore. This season is solid enough and Azazel evil enough to make you tune in for more each time.

In Asylum, Dean and Sam travel to Illinois to investigate the Roosevelt Asylum a place where criminally insane patients were locked up. The boys quickly realize that the patients weren’t treated particularly through ethical approved methods, and they all hated one particular doctor intensely. They establish rather quickly that the place is indeed haunted, but naturally everything is not as it seems and they find out that most of the ghosts aren’t as malicious as the look, and  and some of them just want their peace but are trapped in this world.

Rating: 3/5 Scares

Not in any way the scariest or the strangest of the series, but Asylum works really well because it explores something that is actually quite scary in itself – a place where mentally ill people are kept. That doctor freaked me out, and the whole episode was shot in such a way that the suspense and intrigue kept building.

Season 2, Episode 6 (No Exit)


rating 4Jo, the daughter of Ellen, a lady whose husband hunted with Sam and Dean’s father, gets it into her head to investigate the disappearance of blond girls in an apartment building in Philadelphia.

Jo is blonde, and that makes her the best target for the ghost of H H Holmes, America’s first serial killer, and she is quickly locked up with his other victims, in boxes waiting to waste to death. Sam and Dean, particularly motivated by Ellen’s threats, race against time to find Jo before she dies, and find a way to keep Holmes at bay since they can’t burn his remains.

Rating: a YUCK EWW GRRR 4/5

This wasn’t the freakiest ever, until Holmes started peering through holes and coffins and leering at those girls. I have never been happier to be a brunette, let me tell you. I was jumping around when he peered through those wooden crates and his entire manner was just too much for me. YEUGH.

Season 2, Episode 16 (Roadkill)


rating 5

Roadkill entertains us with the story of a young woman who wakes up to find out she has been in an accident, and a man is hunting her. Sam and Dean are there to save the day, and even tries to help find her missing husband and car, which seems to have disappeared.  It doesn’t sound very scary right? Just another Supernatural episode where we can look at the delectable Dean and the homely Sam (not even sorry, I just don’t like the whiney brat).

WELL here is one of the defining moments in Supernatural for me: One night I was watching series on my tablet in my bed, just like any other twenty first centurion (can I even phrase it like that?) spending precious sleeping hours on shows and then Roadkill began. It was good and eery but not very scary all in all. Then that damn ghost jumped through the window on one scene and I LET MY TABLET FALL FLAT ON MY FACE, jumped out of bed and stuttered like a lunatic. It is the biggest miracle I didn’t throw my tablet against the closest wall, let me tell you, it was very close. My little sister witnessed it and naturally had to tell the entire world what she saw, and I have never lived down that story with my family or friends, so I am sharing it on here today so that you all can have another giggle with me. The best part is it was so obvious what was going to happen, and when it did I still had the biggest jump ever. Well done, producers, well done.

Rating: 5/5 for sheer damn surprise

Season 2, Episode 20 (What Is and What should never be)


rating 3

In What Is and What should never be Dean is hunting a Djinn. He nearly catches him but the Djinn manages to send Dean to an dream world where everything is how Dean secretly wants his life to be. He is married to a beautiful woman, his mother is alive and active in his life, and he and Sam are brothers who are merely brothers and not completely dependent on each other as they are forced to be.

It is a rather sad episode, because Dean is and will always be my favorite Winchester brother and I really think he deserves more than life has delt him (taking care of the whiney whiney Sam Winchester).That aside, I thought the Djinn was unique, well created and very freaky. The story was excellently developed and had a good angle, because the Djinn’s power came from leaving you in your perfect world while he was busy destroying you in actual reality.

Rating: a YUCK EWW GRRR 3/5

Season 3, Episode 2 (The Kids are Alright)


Dean and Sam finds themselves in Indiana, where Dean meets one of his lady loves again. She has a very charming child, who is eerily like Dean and makes him briefly question the kid’s parentage. However, Lisa assures him that the kid is not his, but there is still something very wrong in town. Adults keep dying and children keep acting weirder and weirder, and they soon discover Changelings, creatures that takes over the bodies of children and feeds on their parents.

rating 4   Rating: 4/5: a nice scary yuck all in all as well as a nasty one.

The Changeling’s mouths/faces!!!!!!! FML never again. I really did like the kid, as well as Lisa and could really see how hard it must have been for Dean to leave her behind and follow in his father’s footsteps. BUT THANKS SUPERNATURAL FOR MAKING CHILDREN ALL THE CREEPIER. Like it was more necessary.

Hope you enjoyed my list, and let me know which moments in Supernatural gave you the heeby-jeebies.


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  2. Dearest Kidney,

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