Book Review: Night Shadow (Nora Roberts)

night shadow

After receiving her Law Degree with the highest honours, Deborah O’Roarke chose to become a public defender, despite receiving offers from law firms across the country. Now situated in Urbana, she works to rid the city of crimes.

It is on one such night that Deborah encounters the phenomenon that has Urbana talking – Nemesis, a crime fighting antihero who is slowly but surely saving the city from criminals in his own way. After taking down her attacker, they have a fight and he disappears from her life.

As ADA, she also meets the attractive, enigmatic billionaire Gage Guthrie, who made an amazing recovery from a comatose state. Gage immediately begins courting her, but she is conflicted because she feels attraction towards Nemesis and Gage. What will she do when she finds out they are the same person? Can either of them keep her safe from those so desperate to quiet her drug prosecutions and investigations? Will Deborah be able to accept his vigilante justice that is so against her beliefs of what is right and wrong?

Rating: 6/10

Hmm, what can I say of this book? I liked it, but the supernatural has never been Roberts’ strong suit. I liked Deborah, although I have real issues when characters have such massive names. I thought Gage Guthrie was interestingly enough written but not very really realistic or anything. I did like Deborah’s drive for her career and her surety for the things she believed in.  The book is written well (as always) and a fun, quick read. Just don’t take it too seriously!

Recommendation factor: It is very silly and fun, so if you want to read but not think too hard about it 😉

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Night Shadow (Nora Roberts)

  1. Chemistry Kidney,

    Hmmmmm… still have other books of hers you recommended to get to after my exams are done. I will likely be skipping for now.


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