Book Review: Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris


Book #6 in the Sookie Stackhouse Series

Sookie has started John Quinn, a shapeshifter that changes to a tiger, and their relationship seems promising. She is taking it slow, because she has been burned often by her hasty habit of jumping into bed with men she finds attractive. Sookie and Quinn are attacked by young werewolves out on a date, and the main suspect is the newly elected leader of the Shreveport werewolf pack, a man with a known grudge against Sookie.

Sookie is visited by Mr. Cataliades, a part-demon lawyer who works for the Queen of Louisiana. He is surprised that Sookie never got the formal invitation to visit Sophie-Anne Leclerq, but when they find the messenger dead in the woods of Sookie’s house, they understand why she never received the now missing invitation.

Although loathe to visit the Queen, Sookie doesn’t have much of a choice. She must clean out her dead vampire cousin Hadley’s apartment while in New Orleans and discuss the vampire summit with the Queen, as she’s invited as part of the Queen’s entourage.  Sookie meets Amelia Broadway, a witch and the owner of Hadley’s apartment. They quickly become friends, and they are both lucky to survive an attack by newly created vampire Jake Purifoy that had been hidden during his turning in Hadley’s apartment.

Upon meeting the Queen, Sookie also meets the king of Arkansas, Peter Threadgill. He is Sophie-Anne’s new husband, but it is clearly not a love match but a business arrangement between the two vampires.

After the Queen and Sookie witness Amelia and her coven do a construction spell where they see how Jake Purifoy came into Hadley’s apartment, Sookie learns that her appeal to vampires may be because she has a bit of fairy blood in her. The Queen also asks Sookie to look for a precious bracelet Peter gave her that Hadley took in a moment of anger because it would mean major upset if Peter discovered the loss of one of his matrimonial gifts to his wife. Will Sookie be able to find the bracelet in time? Who keeps attacking Sookie for no reason? Who didn’t want her to visit the Queen?

Rating: Depressed, 5/10

This book left so much to be desired. It had plot holes so big I had to check whether I’d missed a few pages. Like the death of Hadley – was Hadley ever even mentioned? Suddenly Sookie has met Mr. Cataliades and everything; she’s been to the execution of Hadley’s killer, etc. I was extremely confused. I understand that there is a filler short story but these things should be necessary. Filler stories shouldn’t have the entire function of making the other book work!

I liked the addition of John Quinn. He is much more interesting than Bill Compton, who is the world’s biggest moaner and general pain in the ass. I understood Sookie’s anger when she realised that Bill had seduced her on the orders of the Queen of Louisiana. I would have been furious and heartbroken. I respected Eric that he made Bill confess when he learnt of this information.

I think the whole Debbie Pelt story had been stretched way too far. So, she’s dead and Sookie killed her, but it shouldn’t be in three books. Initiate and resolve, Harris. I found the whole “ectoplasmic reconstruction” spell so absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, it might even be sillier than the whole werepanthers and weremoles naming system in these books. I enjoyed Amelia a bit, and hope to see more of her in the next few books.

I found it faintly disgusting that there was all that hype about the supernatural creatures sensing Sookie was on her period. I mean really, and why initiate only in this book? Did she not have a period for the three years prior to Definitely Dead? I wished Eric had more time in here because he is always fun to read about.

This was probably the worst book in the series, and everything before and after it is makes more sense and is more fun.

Who is sending the werewolves after Sookie? Can she find Sophie’s missing jewels in time? What will she do when she learns of Bill’s true reason of coming to Bon Temps?



3 thoughts on “Book Review: Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

  1. Vacationing Kidney,

    Yep, the books start a decline, they really do. Useless books ahahahahahaha!

    There are some things that Harris writes about sometimes that just makes me sick (wait for Claude and Dermot and stuff – my stomach roiled).

    Hope you are having an absolute blast!

    Free Bkushi

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