Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary (Helen Fields)



Bridget Jones is on the verge of thirty. She has the normal issues: weight, work, her relationship status and her worries that all her vices are addictions and that she is in trouble. She is also faced with the decimation of her parents’ marriage, and her mother’s midlife crisis. After yet another Christmas nightmare of being bombarded with “when are you getting married?” and “your biological clock is ticking”, Bridget decides to change her life by losing weight, becoming glamorous and getting a man. Her delicious boss starts taking notice of her, and a relationship develops, but Daniel is also a man affected by the “fuckwittage” Bridget and her friends witness in London – men in their thirties completely mind fucking the ladies and the women just taking it as it comes. Although she takes him on about it, he still messes with her and she is eventually heartbroken when she finds him with a skinny, gorgeous girl, cheating on her.

Bridget still has to deal with Mark Darcy, the man her mother wants to hook her up with. Determined to dislike him on principle, she is soon confused by Mark – although he acts very odd sometimes he also has a kind nature about some things. He obviously dislikes even the mention of Daniel, and Bridget struggles to understand why.

Can Bridget sort out her life? Why does Mark dislike Daniel so strongly? Who will Bridget end up with, if she ever manages a relationship?

Rating: 7/10

I chose this book at my favorite second hand book shop for one reason: I needed something light and fluffy to read on the beach. Well, it was a successful choice because it certainly was light and fluffy, and hilarious as well. I really laughed out loud at a few places and had some much needed giggles while I associated with Bridget. I think most twenty somethings will find something in Bridget they associate with – she is obsessed with her weight, neurotic about her love life and constantly finds new addictions or things to obsess about. Her life doesn’t make sense, she is surrounded by a balanced mixture of horrible people and true friends. Bridget messes up constantly, she’s insecure but still determined to somehow make something work, and she’s not giving up. Her very embarrassing and awkward life makes her immediately identifiable, and I really understand why this book became an instant hit.

I loved the character a whole lot and will definitely read this again. The book is well written and very easy to read, but you must be willing to adapt to the whole diary format the book is written in. I am planning to watch the movie again soon, to see if it is a good adaption.

Recommendation: Light and fun, for those who needs a happy book.


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary (Helen Fields)

  1. Bridget Jones is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Mmm, Colin Firth as Mark Darcy. It just makes me happy. I probably won’t ever read the book though. The movie is enough for me and also I hate diary format novels. Dracula is written like that and it is soooo boring.

  2. Successful Chemistry Kidney,

    Sounds totally like your kind of thing! I am glad you had such a blast!

    Though, as we have established, probably not all for me.


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