Book Review: Shadow Spell (Nora Roberts)


#2 of Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy

After being unable to destroy Cabhan, Iona and her cousins, Connor and Branna, still fight him. He has been wounded, but not diminished. As his strength slowly returns, Connor O’Dwyer is feeling restless to go search for his nemesis and kill him once and for all.

After seeing Connor nearly die, Meara reacts by kissing him, confusing their relationship of lifelong friendship. As her relationship with Connor intensifies, Cabhan starts stalking her. A fight with Connor makes Meara take off the protection he gave her, and she nearly dies from oversight. Connor is hurt and furious when he realises what she did, and she needs to fix her relationship with him before she loses her friend and the man she has come to love.

Can Meara trust Connor and overcome her emotional insecurities? Can Connor forgive her for her foolish act? Is it possible to destroy Cabhan this time around?

Rating: 6/10

I liked this book way more than its predecessor, Dark Witch. It is better written, the story is more intense and the characters are better explored. I thought that Meara was a much better female lead than Iona, and that Connor wasn’t such a douche bag like Boyle. The forced Irish pronunciation still irritated me quite a bit though, I won’t lie. I think it is used excessively to underline the difference between Americans and the Irish, and it seemed so fake and silly. This book also included the 40 page introduction that irritated me so much in the first book as well, although I have to confess I skipped it this time. The books are still well written but lack the enthusiasm I have always sensed in Robert’s writing.

Definitely not the best Roberts have ever written, by far not the worst and really not something I will rush to read again.


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