2015 Wishes


HA! Just as everyone thought that the New Year’s resolutions posts were a thing of the past, I’ve decided to bring you mine. Don’t worry – I have some funny ones AND some mushy ones. I don’t really believe in resolutions – especially things like “I will stop swearing”. Have you ever driven on Johannesburg roads? Swearing is the alternative to getting out of your car and kicking someone’s ass, so I am definitely going to keep on swearing.  But I do make plans that  I hope I will be able to implement to be a happier, healthier and more functioning adult for the year. Here they are!

Better Internet

This is not even a joke. I am so excited to move to a new place with better signal. Bad internet is about 90% the reason why I either don’t post or only post later in the day.

Get JK Rowling to keep her mouth shut about Hogwarts. I’m pretty sure that soon there will be rumours that Hogwarts had a disable athlete who shot his girlfriend through the door just so that everyone in the world could be included.*

To not kill my hands

As I’m writing this, I’ve managed to not only slam two fingers in a door but also pour hot water over the other hand. Because who needs hands in their day to day life?

To not freak out when I turn 25 at the end of the month:

I am turning 25 on the 25th (go me because that is payday #presentsForME) and I have to deal being, as Zoë says, a quarter chicken. I can’t promise that I won’t get drunk, but I won’t freak out about it.

To read more beautiful books

I’ve always been an avid reader, but lately I’ve had the realization that there is a difference between books and literature. This year I want to focus on the books that address real issues, and not the fake soppy romance stories I would have normally read nonstop.

Go visit my Bestie, A LOT:

No idea how I’m doing this with all my leave highjacked for practicals, but it will happen.

Start Saving for Paris:

Visiting Paris is my dream, it will happen, and I will start saving for it.

To just be myself

I think a lot of unhappiness is caused in life when people deviate from who they really are to please others. My wish for 2015 is to just be who I really am, and to not change anything about myself just to keep someone happy.

To empower

Kind words or actions, anything that someone might need to keep going.

To be a more organized blogger

I really am working hard to get myself at that point where I don’t need to post or work on something the night I want to post it.

To lose weight and be healthy

As this is about 90% of the world’s New Year’s resolutions, I don’t think I need to explain it haha. I just want to feel good again.

To be happier

I have this new position at work that I am enjoying so much right now. I hope that I can keep on being happy now that my working hours has decreased and I can have a life again. Happiness is a choice, it is clear when you look at people who have nothing in life and they are still smiling regardless of their sufferings.

What are your new year’s plans? Let me know!

9 thoughts on “2015 Wishes

  1. Chemistry Kidney,

    I don’t care about your practical leave. I will come stalk you out there, too, and then we can cry about being quarter chickens this year because 😦

    LOL stop swearing. Imagine I made that my resolution. Just chew on that for a minutes. LOOOOOOOOOOL. I would explode.

    Looking forward to seeing what you will be reading this year 🙂

    Rowling needs to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Laughed at your comparison though hehehehe.


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