Marvelous Mondays: X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006) by MovieRob


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Today we have the awesome Rob posting again with another X-Men. He reviewed the first two here and here. Thanks for always being willing to contribute Rob! #youRock

Let’s see what Rob has to say about this movie!


“Since the dawn of existence, there have always been moments when the course of history shifted. Such a turning point is upon us now: the conflict between the better and worst angels of our very nature, whose outcome will change our world so greatly there will be no going back. I do not know if victory is possible. I only know that great sacrifice will be required. And because the fate of many will depend on a few, we must make the last stand. ” – Professor X

Number of Times Seen – 4  (2007, DVD, 5 Mar 2013 and 6 Jan 2015)

Brief Synopsis – After a medical cure is discovered to stop the “Mutant X” gene, forces of good and evil face off in order to stop the military from using the drug

My Take on it – One of the things that I have always enjoyed about the X-Men series is how the mutants are basically stand-ins for minorities and how the stories fit into the world we live in that is filled with prejudice and hate.

This movie raises the ultimate question in those situations: what would we all do if there was a way to take away the “differences” between everyone in the world?

Will it make things better?

or worse?

There really is no true answer to that question but it is great to see how this kind of scenario would play out in the world of Mutants.

This story is still the weakest of the original X-Men trilogy, but I think that has more to do with the fact that as the popularity (and budgets) of these movies got greater, they felt it was necessary to introduce many new characters to the story-lines which as we all know lessens the character development in a movie and hence muddles too much along the way.

It was nice to see the holdovers from the previous films, but most of them have little to nothing to do here.

Another issue I had with this film is that it feels as if they wanted to try and tie up too many loose ends, but ultimately, they created too many new questions that would allow for an opening for further sequels which defeats the benefit of tying up those loose ends.

The action and special effects are still top notch and makes for a fun superhero movie.

Ultimately, this is a fun fast paced X-Men movie that just can’t live up to the greatness of its predecessors and if it wasn’t a third part, would have been perceived much better than it was.

Bottom Line – Nice to see the X-Men again, but this story is the weakest of the original trilogy and slightly ruins the series by trying to add in too many new characters.  They tried to tie up a lot of loose ends here, but just raised even more questions, which left things too open-ended. Very action packed and still a fun superhero movie. Recommended!

Rating – Globe Worthy 8/10

9 thoughts on “Marvelous Mondays: X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006) by MovieRob

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    Check out my latest review for Natasha of LIfe of THis City Girl’s Marvelous Mondays Series. This time I reviewed X-Men 3: The Last Stand. Thanks Natasha!

  2. Oh man. Saying this one is the weakest of the trilogy is putting it politely. Hahaha. I’m glad you had fun with it, Rob, but I loathe this film. I was just glad that Days of Future Past came along to correct so many of its mistakes. Anyway, nice work here! Hopefully all X-Men movies from here on out will be above this level. 🙂

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