Ultimate Throwback Thursday: Gilmore Girls Season 1


Thoughts while having Gilmore Girls years later:

I hope I can be as cool as Lauren Graham when I grow up. Epitome of cool.

Lorelai is so funny. The things she says!


Totally relating to the weirdness of Lorelai and Rory.

Rory gets a D

How ridiculously cute is Alexis Bledel? She’s so teensy and innocent and adorable.

I want to move to a small American town.

I love Miss Patty. Her voice is so smoky!

Sixteen year old me did not fully appreciate all the man in Luke. Heeeyyyyyy

Nor did sixteen year old understand how hot Max Madeena is

Twenty five year old me likes Luke and Max. A lot

HAHAHA look how young Jared Padalecki is

Jared Padalecki is doomed to have awful hair in shows

Was Jared Padalecki a six foot giant baby too?

Chad Michael Murray was the perfect school boy in the 2000s

Tristan is SUCH a highschool boy

Paris would still make me cry

I like Paris. She’s very honest and that rocks

Still scary though

So many references and puns make sense now.

These older shows are so tame with sexy time.

Sookie is the best. Her little dances and sweet nature makes the show.

Melissa McCartney should have stuck to this instead of becoming so generic. I really love her in here.

Michelle. The embodiment of such superb sarcasm warms my heart.

Cutest first kiss EVER

Luke’s rants. I can watch him go into full explosion mode every single day because the energy he puts into it is so entertaining. A huge up for Scott Patterson for being such a perfect Luke.

Emily Gilmore’s dry wit. How can she and Lorelai not see how similar they are?

The relationship between Rory and her grandfather is so endearing.

How HOT is Christopher? Lorelai gets all the pretty guys. No fair.

These girls understand my devotion to coffee

Rating: 7/10

I’m currently having the best time watching Gilmore Girls again. It has that special feeling that reminds me of childhood, I used to avidly await this show each week. It’s by far not the most complex storyline or exceptional acting I’ve ever encountered, but it’s so sweet and so much fun to watch that it is quite easy to forget the flaws!

8 thoughts on “Ultimate Throwback Thursday: Gilmore Girls Season 1

  1. Kidney,

    You really, really are getting me convinced to get off my butt and watch this again, I was such a fan of this growing up. Had a great read here, so excellent job (as always).


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