Five Things Friday: A collection of thoughts

Well done! You’ve fought bravely all week to reach Friday! No small feat! To celebrate today, I’m putting up a collection of things that appealed/shocked/intrigued me over the last few weeks. Enjoy, and let me know what you thought of all of them!

Two things that made me question society:




I woke up Friday morning to see a Facebook feed full of one not-so-particularly-outstandingly-gorgeous dress, and mad questions of people desperately looking for an answer on the color. Random people in the street asked me, colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends, families, faint acquaintances, everyone asked me.

The internet is such a phenomenon these days. I get that it’s been quiet news wise lately, but the internet explodes over the weirdest things (Kim K’s ass, as an example). It’s hilarious and very weird and gives you an understanding of the outrageous control social media has over us.

As for me? Well, it’s quite obvious that it’s black and purple 😉

The success of Fifty Shades and everyone’s need to see it

Wow. I can’t even believe this movie is so popular. It is the greatest tragedy of our movie-year, and yet everyone is compelled to go see it. I gave it some thought, and while it might be worth being able to discuss it with everyone who keeps asking, I’m not comfortable with the moral dilemma of knowing that I was one of the ticket buyers who sent it over the billion dollar mark. Rather not.

Two things I’m very excited about:

Richard Madden as Prince Charming. We lost Robb Stark and we don’t like George Martin anymore (unless he reads this, ever, then just don’t kill Tyrion, I’m SORRY, George!) but Richard Madden can still be his kingly self and charm us senseless in the Cinderella movie that has been sent to us by the kind rulers of Disney. I’m definitely seeing this one in cinema, there’s not even a possibility that I won’t!

Something I need by Ben Haenow

This song. It makes me so happy. It’s the happiest song ever. Did I mention that it makes me happy?

This hilarity:

If you don’t want to hear, you must feel… right? For reasons that escapes me, there was a girl who  wanted lips like Kylie Jenner’s and ended up looking like this because she just brought something from an odd internet site (because that worked out well for the majority of people who tried that route previously)

Well, happy weekend! Let me know what amused you endlessly this week!

11 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: A collection of thoughts

  1. Super Stressed Kidney,

    Oki, now I know Richard Madden is so hot one just wants to eat him up, and I really do enjoy Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter and it has Hayley Atwell and Downton Abbey’s Daisy in it plus papa Skarsgård but… I just don’t know if I can do this…

    I laughed my ass off watching that girl and her lips ahahahahaha. Girls are ridiculous.

    BLACK AND PURPLE?! I call foul. It is white and gold 😉


    • Super supportive Bkushi

      I will let you know after I’ve seen it if I think you’ll like it 😀 Good cast so far but right now it does sound more like my type of film than yours 😀

      It’s hilarious right?!



  2. Have an awesome weekend! 🙂
    I’m excited about Cinderella and my date with my girl friends to see it! We rarely do super advance planning but we did for this one.
    And that song is really happy! You should check out Set it Off – Why Worry if you have time. I just heard it this week and its playing on repeat. Its absolutely feel-good 🙂

    • Thanks Kim, I hope you did too!

      I am so excited. We are also doing a girls night with this one!!

      I will definitely check it out then 🙂

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