Thoughts: Moving and what accompanies it

Moving house

This past weekend was one of those “No fun allowed” kinda weekends. I moved out of the home I had been living in for 25 years (i.e. my life) and I can now say that moving is the most draining experience you will ever undertake: physically and emotionally.

However, I am miraculously mostly settled in, and that prompted me to make a list of the random thoughts I had while moving.

How can I have so many things?

Letters, books, DVDs, clothes, shoes, bed, blankets, tables, chairs, make-up, brushes, bags, double copies of books – DOUBLE COPIES OF BOOKS THAT IS INSANITY, pillows, fridge, stove, kettle, toaster, MORE BOOKS.

How is it possible that I fit so many objects into my old place?

Really now. What spatial miracle did I do the first time around and why is it not working this time around?

I HATE carrying things

They are so heavy and bulky and many. WHY do we have to carry things around?

My car will be less packed if I went on a trip to Uzbekistan for a month right now.

I did not know my car could carry such a load. I am duly impressed.

Have I mentioned SO many things?

Bubblewrap is suddenly not only there for endless popping entertainment. It is an incredibly helpful tool to wrap things in. It is a miracle.

Carrying boxes through the rain… NOT FUN

I will never entertain the ridiculous notion that rain is in any way romantic ever again.


They are beautiful things helping vertically challenged individuals like myself reach places.

Plastic bags are wonderful

They are somehow much easier to carry than boxes, they don’t stink or damage your stuff when it gets rained on, they can be packed VERY full. Beauties.

Selection process: TWO times

At your old place, go through your things and decide what you want. Then, at the new place do it again and trash the stuff you suddenly realised is useless mainly because it will never fit.

It’s “Gifting” season

You are just being a nice person if you give things to people they can use and you have no space for. It doesn’t benefit you more than it does them, nope not at all. You are being kind.

Don’t listen to advice when it is about moving your stuff in a certain way.

Especially if you know for a fact that you have a better eye for dimensions than the other person. You will just tire out yourself by moving things around three times before settling on the way you knew it would work in the first place.

Storage solutions for small places

Were designed by some kind spiritual being for small places.

Well, that is mostly it. Feel free to comment below with your horror stories about moving!

22 thoughts on “Thoughts: Moving and what accompanies it

  1. wow. 25 years in one place??? never come close to accomplishing that. Ive moved like 15 times in my life. shortest was 4 months and longest was 8 years.

    enjoy ur new place and may you only experience good things from it!

  2. Totally agree with the plastic bags!!!! I’ve moved quite a few times and they’ve always been there for me 🙂

    And ditto with getting rid of stuff – shoes, clothes and books need a necessity clear out before packing can comment (and all those 3 year old receipts for milk too…that I just HAD to keep..!)

    Hope your new home is a lovely, happy place and all the best!

  3. Kidney!!

    Moving sucks ass! WOW – 25 years??? That’s quite a deal!! Good luck in your new place!! Let me know if you need me to come over and do some handyman work!


  4. Moving is terrible! Last time I did it I just took the necessities… and still managed to fill my new place up with new random junk within a few weeks. Hope you enjoy your new place!

    • It’s such a mission! I really agree with you! I threw away so many things and had to find space for a million other things!

      Thanks Sherise!

  5. Kidney, I am so glad that you survived the ordeal, you were freaked hahahaha! It is awesome that you have a new place, and I hope it works you out wonderfully. I love this post because it is SO TRUE about moving hahahahahaha!

  6. Moving is the worse! Wow moving out of the house you lived in your whole life is even more devastating, it’s odd when your room is empty. But I love the newness of everything in your first month, plus everything looks dust free and pristine.

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