Movie Review: The Host (2013)

The host poster

PLOT: When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about, proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world

Rating: 7/10

The Host is certainly better than its Rotten Tomatoes (8%) would suggest. A closer but probably still unfair score is the one IMDb (5.9/10) gifted it with.

The Host is adapted from a Stephanie Meyer novel of the same name. If you could ever possibly forget who that it, let me remind you; oh cave dweller: Mrs. Meyer is the author who penned the Twilight saga, those books who startlingly get more derision directed towards it than Fifty Shades of Grey does.

Apparently Meyer wrote this book between all the Twilight books, probably just to shake off that vague feeling that she was corrupting the minds of young women. Although I can’t begin to claim that I am educated in the science fiction world I do think that the story is interesting enough and I find the thought of these odd creatures inhabiting humans vaguely interesting and somewhat disturbing.

 The host 1

The Host was refreshingly devoid of a love triangle debacle and I liked that plenty. It has another issue that would have me screaming for a psychologist – Melanie is in love with her Jared but Wanda keeps falling for Jake. It’s more two souls in one body loving different people than the infuriating “I don’t know who to love” angle.

I had some major issues with Jake hitting Melanie while she was inhabited with Wanda – I don’t give a flying fuck if her body has been taken over by an alien that is still a girl sixty times smaller than you, douche bag. The violence on females was just a bit too pronounced and justified for me to fully enjoy.

The host Melanie

Saoirse Ronan really is the best thing about this movie. She moves through all her scenes with the grace the dialogue doesn’t always deserve. The story is a bit beneath a woman with her acting abilities, although to her credit she does not seem bored to be there. Max Irons is definitely someone I can watch in a movie, he is cute and doesn’t do a bad job being Jared Howe.

I would really have enjoyed getting more into the nitty and the gritty of these characters and their stories – it is mostly rushed through and only snippets are shown. Yeah, the time allocated is limited, but I’ve seen other movies do it before.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Diane Kruger in something, and it is nice to put something to her other than her dating Joshua Jackson. I won’t be weeping with heartfelt emotion about her performance anytime soon, but I did think she makes a good alien (erm, that is a compliment)


If it sounds that I didn’t enjoy the movie, I did. I enjoyed it despite the corny dialogue and often dragging storyline. I think it is a good movie if you don’t expect too much and has decent popcorn entertainment. I liked that Melanie is so independent and that she took care of herself and her brother long before Jared entered the scene. I like that she was strong enough to fight back against alien invasion and that she wouldn’t just give up on Wanda’s existence so she could come back and kiss Jared. I loved the underground farm scenes and how they took efforts to show how humans were surviving in caves. I also liked that they tried to bring across that these alien life forms weren’t necessarily evil, just very different.


The Host interested me enough that I will soon start reading the book, something I’ve avoided until now. It is a decent enough movie, and although the plot isn’t solid or breath-taking, it kept me sufficiently entertained for a while.

Plot query: How did the first Wanderer enter a human? I get how the rest of them entered their hosts, but the first one? Someone had to help It and I have no idea who would even think of doing that.

11 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Host (2013)

  1. Good to see a more positive review of this one. I honestly forgot all about it! Haha.

    Any film featuring violence against women makes me pretty damn uncomfortable. So that, to me, is another strike against The Host unfortunately. Probably won’t ever check this out but grr. . . .that shit is messed up yo

    • Haha I don’t know why I enjoyed it as much, there were certainly a few mistakes in it!

      Yeah it made me very uncomfortable with him just slapping her and it then being okay because she’s infested with an alien… erm, nope for me!

  2. So Crochet Kidney, something I should check out?

    Great post 🙂

    Diane Kruger was excellent in Inglourious Basterds (you REALLY need to watch that). She has got some decent roles.

    Wow, the violence sounds like it got a little out of hand…

    • Nearly scarfed Kidney

      I don’t think so, but if you ever do, it ain’t half bad.

      I need to yes. But I heard rumours of scalpings and that ain’t my thing (I seem to say “ain’t” a lot when it is late at night.

      It was a little too justified you know..

      • Well, when you are marketing like that I am really wary lol!

        I see this hehehehehe. Oki, we will contemplate it when you are here… but the scalping ain’t half bad, either xD


  3. Sweetest Kidney,

    Did I just read in Zoe’s comment that you haven’t seen Inglorious Basterds????

    If this is true then someone deserves some spankings….


    Sugar Pappy

  4. I didn’t care for this movie too much. Even had to watch it in two sittings because it dragged so much. I like your review better than the film.

    Diane Kruger was also in The Bridge – amazing show. Check that out too!

    • Haha why thank you. Sorry you didn’t like it though! I thought it was really a lot better than it had been made out to be.

      I will put it on my list!

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