5 Things Friday: 5 Books I plan to read in the next few months

Happy Friday everyone!

I am totally getting my book reading vibe back. I’ve been reading some Nora Roberts and John Green, as well as finishing the Davinci Code. Here’s a list of the next few books I’m planning to read. Let me know if you’ve read them and what your opinions have been about it 🙂

1. Looking for Alaska: John Green


Since this book is busy getting organised into a movie, I really want to read the book beforehand to be able to properly compare. I really enjoy John Green’s writing as well – he is such a brilliant author!

2. The Woman Who Stole my Life: Marian Keyes


I’m always really excited when one of my favorite authors brings out a new book. YAY!

3. The Ruby Circle: Richelle Mead


I just really want to finish the series and see what happens to Sydney and Adrian!

4. Angels and Demons: Dan Brown


I really didn’t like The DaVinci code. However, I’ve heard that Angels in Demons is actually much better, so I am willing to give it a try.

5. Atonement: Ian McEwan


The movie is just the saddest watching experience ever, and I just really want to see how everything unfolds in the book, even if I know the end.

What books are you planning to read?

13 thoughts on “5 Things Friday: 5 Books I plan to read in the next few months

  1. Atonement is awesome, The Woman who stole my life though, while good, is not as memorable as Keyes’ brilliant earlier books. I was a tad disappointed it it 😦

    • I started reading Atonement last night… It is really well written. As for Keyes, I really love her as an author but the last book I read written by her (The Brightest Star in the Sky) was not a favorite of mine. Do you have a favorite written by her?

      • I love those early Sullivan sisters books – Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is getting married, Rachel’s Holiday, they were fun and fabulous.

  2. Great work bestie! Angels and Demons is WAY better, though also steeped in conspiracy. It just has a better story to it and kept me more entertained. I hope you enjoy your reads. I loved Looking For Alaska, but it is a very heavy read!

  3. If I EVER finish Mansfield Park, my next books include catching up with John Green like Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars 😉 And Insurgent is sitting there waiting for me also. Catch up on a ton of YA novels..haha!

    As for your upcoming books, I liked Angels and Demons more than Da Vinci Code so hopefully you’ll enjoy it more 🙂

    • Kim! You must read FIOS… It is so painfully beautiful! I love a good YA novel.. let me know which ones are awesome 😀

      I really hope I enjoy it more!

  4. I really liked Angels and Demons…. but that was many years ago. Its still got the conspiracy stuff but its more fun to follow than the Da Vinci Code.

    I am currently reading Inherent Vice. Man if people thought the movie was confusing…. the book is all over the place! I love it though, reminds me of Hunter S Thompson.

    Gonna read American Gods by Neil Gaiman next.

    • I hope I enjoy it more 🙂 I really disliked the DaVinci code.

      I think I will look into that soon then. I heard American Gods is a really excellent read!

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