Series Review: Downton Abbey Season 3

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Rating: 8.5/10

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Mary and Michael. GAWSH. Talk about the romance of the century. I love these two characters on a level where I actually need someone to often remind me that they are in fact not real. Their relationship has been anything but a party and their eventual engagement at the end of season two had me doing a dance (I watched that proposal probably fifteen times). It initially seemed that they were going to go on another deviation with the fight about the whole fortune of Livinia Swire that could save Downton if Michael chose to accept it, and I was rather annoyed and prepared to go tell them what I thought of this nonsense. Fortunately Michael has a head on his shoulders and told Mary that they were always going to fight and that it was a part of life, and their marriage happened. It was so romantic and beautiful and their relationship throughout season three was actually quite painful because hey, we ALL want that (and especially to wake up next to Dan Stevens). The Christmas episode nearly killed me. SPOILER ALERT: WHY Downton writers, WHYYYY? Was killing Sybill so horribly not enough? Killing Matthew after he saw his son for the first time just did not seem fair 😦 😦

Sybill and Tom

Then, Sybill’s death. I had myself right a little tantrum with this and actually considered taking a break from watching Downton till I could deal with the loss of our favourite opinionated girl. It was so painful seeing Tom try to save her, and that grief that was so evident on Tom’s face. He was a liberal and he loved fighting with priviledged people, but he loved his Sybill so much.

The whole Bates and Anna thing that eventually accumulated in some happiness. They are so cute, and I really enjoy how Bates becomes such a badass after prison. It gets so confusing at times because while you know he has integrity and didn’t kill his wife, he has that bottled anger that when it explodes it becomes rather nasty. I found his life in prison really boring but it had a point.

I was complaining about Lady Violet and Lady Isobel in my review of season two, but they really do improve in season three and I found them entertaining again. I like how both ladies actually like each other but would never be caught dead admitting it.

downton wedding

Lady Edith and Anthony Strallin irritated me quite a bit. I think the most central issue to Edith’s unhappiness is her resignation to settle for anyone. It seems harsh, and probably is, but she is so convinced of her unhappy future that it seems as if she subconsciously plans it out that way.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in the two previous reviews how much I enjoy Carson. He is actually so sweet but still the prim and proper British man and I truly love the character. Jim Carter does such a good job of him. I really do enjoy how much he loves Mary even when she is being downright nasty – he sees the best in her always.

Overall Season 3 was really just as entertaining as the previous two. It tied a whole lot of story arcs up, and while I certainly don’t agree with two specific ones, it was once again a show that had me crying, cheering, fuming and laughing – everything a good show must be!

10 thoughts on “Series Review: Downton Abbey Season 3

  1. I’m currently taking a break after watching this season… Sybill and Matthew’s deaths were too much and I just had to stop for a while…

    The writers couldn’t do much about Matthew, they had to kill him, given that Dan Stevens announced that he wasn’t going to renew when the season was coming to an end, so the character couldn’t just have a smooth exit, because the only way that Matthew was going to leave Mary would be through death. So they had to get her pregnant and have a boy, so that at least his exit would not mean another inheritance issue.

    Also, Carson is the best 🙂

    • I don’t blame you! I was really, really mad at the writers for the death of two of my favorite characters!

      Now I understand! I couldn’t imagine why they would take him off without a really good reason. I love Dan Stevens so much but he should have stayed 😦

      I love Carson! He is so loyal and makes me laugh!

      • While the actress that plays Sybill let them know with time to spare that she wasn’t coming back, Dan Stevens didn’t… it was a real shame, in 4 episodes we lost them both 😦

  2. Ah man, this was a great season with WAY too much death attached to it, which sucks. Great review bestie! I always said I would come back to read these when I was on the same page hahahahaha. Man, Carson is awesome, and you KNOW how much I absolutely adore Tom… for all sorts of reasons. This really is a great show!

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