Things I need to Stop/Start Doing


Woohoo! Happy Friday, dears! I’m working hard to at least bring forth some blog posts (i.e. more than two of last week) this week, and what better than this vague post about things I need to stop/start doing. So, here is my list. Feel free to comment on what YOU need to stop doing as well.

I need to start scheduling blogposts when I have open time. (and not napping).

I need to stop saying Winter is my favorite season. I fucking hate winter.

I need to stop complaining. Holy cow. I complain a lot these days. Granted, I have plenty of reason, but I need to channel some of this shit internally!

I need to stop writing this post while I’m actually writing a review for The Host (the book).

I need to finish (Actually START) this reading list. The books on it are:

Looking for Alaska (John Green)

The Woman Who Stole my Life (Marian Keyes)

The Ruby Circle (Richelle Mead)

Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)

Atonement (Ian McEwan)

I have 4/5 of these books, just WAITING to be read.

I need to stop eating so much junk


I need to finish watching Pretty Little Liars season 5, then write a scathing review for it because it sucks.

I need to watch a Blindspot movie. I think I will watch Interstellar next.

I need to send Eric my Shitfest entry. It is mostly done. At least.

I need to start studying in earnest. I’ve been actually quite good this semester so far, but I still need to work really hard.

I need to prepare for another two weeks in Potchefstroom.

I need to finish my blanket I’m crocheting. Things I’ve learnt while working on this blanket:

Don’t start a project without having ALL THE YARN YOU NEED

Use thick yarn for a blanket. Fuckit.

I need to go to bed earlier. My wild life now starts at five in the morning, and I need sleep to be out of the door at 5:30. FML.

Okay, I’m going to finish the Host’s review now, which will hopefully run before this post!

5 thoughts on “Things I need to Stop/Start Doing

  1. Sweet Kidney!!

    Nice post! Got your email!! Will reply back later – need caffeine!


    Sugar Pappy!

  2. This is a good post. There’s so much stuff I need to stop doing. Like blogging at crazy odd hours in the night. Right now it’s 2:35 am so that’s not too bad but I’ll probably still be sitting up at 4:00 or 5:00. That ain’t good.

    Things I need to do: umm. . . get a job so I can watch more movies. Lol. My life is pretty one-dimensional at the moment.

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