Movie Review: Constantine (2005)

Constantine poster

Plot: Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back.

Rating: 6.5/10

I had so much fun with this movie. It isn’t the best of films and has no surprising plot twists, but it is good cheesy fun. I agree with my bestie that when Keanu Reeves is cast well, it is usually a great performance. I really enjoyed the relationship between Angela (Rachel Weiz’s ) and John (Reeves). They were so bitchy towards each other and he was acting as such a toolbag. Their chemistry was good and John was such a damn tease in the end. I loved how Angela would not believe his story for a second and then only took him seriously after being surrounded by demons she would stopped and listened to him. Weiz really is a good actress and I enjoyed her in here – can someone tell me if she reminds them as well of Kate Winslet? Shia LaBeouf is so much more palatable in from the years before he became a big name and an attention seeking brat. I like him so much in here. I do think that his role could have been more developed – he is this sweet little apprentice that could have been much more implemented into the movie.

Constantine 3

I thoroughly enjoyed John Constantine. He has a fuck all attitude that everyone can appreciate, his love for long cloaks and suits were really appealing, his attitude towards life and his resignation at his fate was entertaining and how he redeems his character was actually touching. Keanu Reeves is awesome – he always comes across as slightly cheesy but he seems to have fun in everything so I can’t help but like the man.

Me, Monday morning
Me, Monday morning

Tilda Swinton has given me nightmares since the time I saw her in Snowpiercer. The woman has the weirdest looks I have ever encountered. I am still a bit afraid of her, and even though I didn’t find her character any more enjoyable in Constantine, I found her much less frightening and a great asset to the film. Pruitt Taylor Vince, my beloved La Roche from the Mentalist, is also in here and I just love the man and everything he works on.

Smoking hot
Smoking hot

The movie has an incredible amount of cheesiness, but hey, it has a huge fun element and works well. The movie is just a lot of fun that should be enjoyed as a not too serious take on Constantine.

6 thoughts on “Movie Review: Constantine (2005)

  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, smoking xD

    I am glad that you enjoyed this. You know I am a huge fan of this movie, for multiple reasons. It rocks so much!

  2. Wow, it *has* been awhile since I’ve seen this. Totally didn’t recall Shia LeBeef being in this. . .

    As to the ‘smoking hot’ Keanu pic caption (good caption, btw) — that’s what I do remember of the movie. Keanu Reeves smoking an entire grocery store’s worth of cigarettes. Dude was a freight train.

    • The Beefster is everywhere!

      You must rewatch – such a cool movie!

      Thanks 😀 He seriously did not care if he died or not – I think that is why we don’t know if we are going to heaven or not!

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