Five Things Friday: Five Things I’m excited about

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II

I am really excited to see the conclusion of this saga. I think Jennifer Lawrence is enormously talented and her back-up cast is amazing as well. But really… if you haven’t read the books, you WILL be mad.

Downton Abbey Season Six

What I hope to see:

Mary falling in love

Anna and Bates FINALLY getting some peace

Edith finding happiness but also getting to keep her daughter – get out of that middle child syndrome, girl!

Tom coming back – I mean really now.

Matthew resurrected – improbable, I know, but a girl can dream #matthewcrawleyforever

Homeland Season 5

What I hope to see:

Carrie somehow getting a brain and a personality and no baby drowning moments.

I hope that red haired baby returns – SO GINGERY

Peter Quinn – Can I just always gush about him? Sad Peter, Avenging Peter, Badass Peter, he is the best.

I hope season 5 is as nail biting as season four. It was a fantastic season and I hope they continue on that pace.


Really, Michael Fassbender and Marian Cottliard both look amazing. I’ve never read the play, but it seems like Death is Everywhere. Regardless, I want to see it and hope it is absolutely amazing.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Not gonna lie: I’m not one of the superfans out there, and they are EVERYWHERE right now. However, I am STILL pretty excited about this!

What are you excited for?

11 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Five Things I’m excited about

  1. I am one of those superfans hahahahaha. I am super amped for the new Star Wars. I hope it is awesome.

    As for the rest of your list? LOVE IT!

    BUT I do NOT want to see any of this Peter/Carrie bullshit. I really, really don’t *retch* – just leave us with purdy Avenging Quinn!

    However… you are REALLY eager for Friday xD

    • Haha you are, without a doubt mah bestest!!


      I don’t either. Can we just not see Carrie?

      LOL I saw I scheduled it a day early then went all honeybadger don’t care and left it up hahaha

  2. Yeah – I’m thinking they might change the end of the Hunger Games for the movie! And I can’t WAIT for The Force Awakens – have my midnight tickets booked already. 🙂

  3. Cool list! I’m not a big Star Wars fan but I even feel a part of myself already standing in line at the theaters seeing it. lol MacBeth looks absolutely spell-binding.

  4. Kind of disappointing that you’re watching Homeland as it’s filled with racial injustice and such. But, it has nothing to do with me so…
    Star Wars WILL be amazing. I’m glad it made it to the list!! 🙂

    • It’s sad that you feel that way. I think entertainment should be taken for what it is – entertainment. But to each their own.

      I am very excited to see Star Wars. It will be wonderful!

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