Feeling Speechless

pray-for-paris“It’s Friday night,

I am excited.

I’m going to a rock concert.

I’ve been planning my outfit for a week.

I’m super excited to see this band play.

I get to the venue, and it is fun.

I hear gunshots, and I wonder what is going on.

I hear nothing,

I see nothing,

because I am dead.”

Paris support


I’ve rarely been speechless in my life by global tragedies.

A few comes to mind: The 9/11 attacks, the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, the Syrian refugee crises.

Saturday morning was one of those days

I have this unfortunate habit to log on to Facebook when I wake up, because lo and behold something happens and I’m not aware of it!

There it was: five posts, all sounding similar to this: “Heartbroken over Paris”

With a sinking feeling I checked a news site and saw the harrowing news about the 153 dead Parisians in a terror attack.

I am so sorry, beautiful city.

No civilian deserves that.

My heart bleeds for you.

What I know to be true:

It is finally time that the world will stand up to ISIS. I’ve always said that anyone who hides behind their religion is a coward. Anyone who kills innocent civilians? They are even worse.

The world has had enough – you could just hear it in the press releases.

This is not the majority of Muslims. I know so many Muslims who are lovely, friendly, tolerant and kind. ISIS twists their religion to make it suit their needs. I think it is important to remind this.

Grieving for another nation in no way lessens your own problems. I saw a lot of disappointing posts about South-Africans moaning that no one ever mentions farm murders but everyone is on the bandwagon to lament the Paris attacks – why do you think saying you are sorry for Paris makes you NOT sorry for farm murdering? I just can’t get people like that. You are a disappointment to your country and your culture if you think like that.

Once again, beautiful Paris, I am thinking of you. You will strike back and you will rebuild. I know this because you have done it in the past. We love you.

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