Book Review: The River House (Margaret Leroy)

river house

Plot: A gripping novel of literary suspense about a woman forced to reveal a secret that may solve a crime but ruin her life. From almost their first meeting, Ginnie Holmes is transformed by the passion she feels with Will-so much so that she risks her marriage and her children as she abandons herself to their exhilarating affair. They meet in an abandoned boathouse, certain they will never be discovered there

Rating: 7/10

I picked this book up as a complete whim and I am really glad I did. I’ve been casually checking the scene for new authors that I can read a few books of, but it is hard to find someone whose writing style is good enough and their stories are interesting enough to commit to for more than one read.

I think I might have found such an author in Margaret Leroy. Her writing style is fluid and easy to read, she is descriptive without being too ornamental about it, her characters are human and flawed. I found the eventual conclusion a bit disappointing, and the outcome a bit expected, but it was still a really good read.

Ginny Holmes is a woman nearing her midlife and she’s facing a lot of crises. Her one daughter has started college and she’s not sure how to handle this major change in her life, and her other daughter is wild and explosive. Ginny’s friends faces their own problems and she also has to deal with an ill mother and a distant husband.

So when Ginny meets Will, a cop she’s tapped on for help in a case, she acts on the spark between them and they start an affair. Will also has his own multitude of problems, and their affair become an escape point to both of them.

If it sounds like the typical bullshit about people who justify their cheating, I have to say it IS, but there are other factors. It is evident that Ginny and her husband is as separated as people can be and that she is likely suffering from a depression that stems from her unresolved childhood traumas. The book is written in a style that portrays such dread and the constant feeling of someone that watches over you is hard to shake. I really enjoyed that and thought it was cleverly executed. Ginny becoming a witness to something she knows she has to speak up about forces her to face the fact that she needs to address her life that is hanging by its shreds. It perfectly illustrates that no matter how hard you try, you can only lie to yourself and your family for so long.

Definitely worth a read. The River House is about moral dilemmas, aging and how flawed human beings can be, and I am pretty happy I picked up the book.

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