8 thoughts on “#100HappyDays: Days 49 -56

  1. Fantastic round up bestie! Busy week but you had some good times! Thank you for that freaking fantastic bachelorettes – it was amazing and I loved every moment of it!

  2. Love the haircut! 🙂 I just had one too, finally, and I think I went a bit too short. But short FEELS so much nicer. Lol – a Rubik’s Cube! Screw that – I never completed one. There must be a way to cheat online! 😉 And is that Zoe’s bachelorette party?? Cool! I’m way behind on things here again..

    • Thank you! It is soooo tempting to cut it all off. It is so hassle free! Sure you are looking lovely though!

      I checked online – their suggestions are so stupid haha.

      It was her bachelorettes. It was so much fun!

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