Blindspot 2016: Kill Bill Volume II (2004)


Plot:The Bride continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle.

What I liked:

The Bride. Do you all remember when we did that Top Females list? The Bride was on there but I’d hadn’t seen Kill Bill at the time and didn’t understand why she was so infamous. I do now, and agree. So fierce, vengeful and powerful. A woman seeking revenge for something that isn’t petty? If I didn’t love Tarantino already, I would love the man for writing female characters that are more than pretty trophies.

Does anyone feel that this movie is better than the first? I thought so. Kill Bill Volume II has more stability because the knowledge of where The Bride is going and why she’s on a mission to kill Bill.


Pai Mei. He’s simultaneously fabulous and dangerous. I loved the beard swishing.

David Carradine. He made such a despicable and insane Bill. I hated the character but enjoyed the performance.

Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver – talk about badass with one eye.

The fight between The Bride and Elle Driver. Talk about fast paced insane action sequences working perfectly!

The music – what is up with this? It is so crazy and dodge and works so well.

Tarantino is a mad man. I adore him. The mad directing looks fantastic.

Rating: 8/10

I really enjoyed this film more than I enjoyed the first. This felt like exactly the right amount of time had been given to it and it played out very well. I enjoyed the flashbacks that gave some history to the Bride’s relationship with Bill, and the way she ended things with him was inspiring to say the least. I’m really happy that I put these two on my Blindspot list, even though I went through so much trauma procuring copies of the film (another post for another day).

Have you seen these movies? What did you think?


14 thoughts on “Blindspot 2016: Kill Bill Volume II (2004)

  1. great review Nat! I liked both of these also, but I think QT went a bit too far with them. The conversation between Bill and the Bride in this movie was spectacular!

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. I am such a huge fan of these movies, and I am glad you enjoyed them. Tarantino really writes badass characters. Didn’t you take The Bride off of your list, or want to when that thing went around? The woman is so hardcore! These movies were fantastical, bloody, crazy and insane, but I have a super soft spot for them. More Tarantino in your future, that is all that I have to say!

    • You love Tarantino so much! As do I! I thoroughly enjoyed the second one, the first one was really good too! I think I will start exploring more and more Tarantino, though they aren’t exactly a dime a dozen!

  3. I’m going to go weird on this; I feel the same about Volume II as I do with Clerks II — why the change from filming in B&W to color? I LOVED the starkness of the B&W in both those earlier versions but I think I”m in agreement that it’s more satisfying watching the Bride make her way through this part of the story as we know what is about to go down (and it’s going to be brutal!) David Carradine is awesome here too

    • I shall have to watch Clerks II (and Clerks I as a matter of fact!) but I have to concur that a black and white movie is so much more effective. I always feel that I notice more things when it is in black and white, and it looks so classy.

      David Carradine was awesome, but a douche. he was an awesome douche

  4. YES! So glad you finally saw these. The Bride is indeed a FANTASTIC female character. I’d love to see her kick all the Kardashian’s asses! How cool would that be?! I actually prefer the first film but I also don’t actually SEE them as separate films anyway. Just one long film. It’s my favorite of Tarantino’s films. 🙂

    • The bride kicks butt on so many levels! Much love to Tarantino for writing her and giving the character a chance on screen. I would pay such large amounts of money to see the Bride kick the Kardashians into some clothes and real jobs!

      Inglorious Basterds is now probably my favourite Tarantino film. Gosh, it is one of my ultimate favourite ones!

  5. Hey! Great review 🙂 I love the Kill Bill movies, you’re right, it’s nice to see a female lead that’s out for some sweet, sweet revenge, not just a trophy! Have you seen the Hateful Eight yet? I’m hoping to watch it soon.

    • Hey there! Thanks 🙂 Gosh The Bride is fantastic – her vengeance has a purpose. I agree with you – it is not petty or for some trophy status. I haven’t, but I hope to soon as well!

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