Music Madness – My slightly deranged playlist

Am I insane? I think so. I’ve been listening to a variety music that I love, and it is so across the board I am very amused with myself. Here it is, judge away, enjoy (some great songs on here if I say so!)

Sam Smith – Writing’s On The Wall

I really, really don’t like Sam Smith. He whines incessantly and sounds like a hysterical teenager. For some reason I can’t get enough of this song though. I loved the movie it was written for, it is very dramatic and melancholic, and sounds like something I should listen to on a rainy day while staring out of the window in a melancholy fashion.

The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

So much memories to this song. The Geri Halliwell version is more in the years that I listened to, but I happen to think both are excellent. In the biggest turn of “A Girl can Dream” it is such a great song, full of drama and fun.

Gentleman – Psy

I told you that this was demented. I absolutely love this strange little Korean man though. He is so weird.

Du Has – Rammstein


Eendag as ons groot is – Dewald Wasserfal

Afrikaans music is so cheesy. Like, really cheesy. I find this guy so super adorable and secretly listen to all his songs.

Gangster’s Paradise – Coolio

This song makes me feel so badass. That is it.

Marvin Gaye  – Charlie Puth ft. Megan Trainor

In terms of South-African swearwords this guy has the best surname, trust me. He also has a golden voice and this song works really well – sweet, sexy, the whole shebang.

Sound of Silence – Disturbed

My father used to love the original by Simon and Garfunkel. Since it is a damn near perfect song it is a really risky move to do a remake. However, this is such a worthy remake I can’t be mad. This guy’s voice, the drama, the sheer talent. Goodness. Chills every single time.

So, there you have it. What is on your playlist right now?

15 thoughts on “Music Madness – My slightly deranged playlist

    • I’m with you there hey. I never thought anyone would even dare touch that song because it was so perfect, and then these guys did something so amazing. WOW! I actually think you are on to something! It has such a lonely feel to it that it would work perfectly.

  1. Not sure about the Sound of Silence cover, the original is perfect. I don’t like Disturbed, I prefer my metal heavier and harsher, but he does show a soft voice that I didn’t know he had.

    Coolio – classic track, gotta love it

    Didn’t like Sam Smith but i LOVED LOVED that crazy PSY song! I’m gonna have to youtube more of his songs cos I was laughing myself stupid while tapping my feet! And now its stuck in my head.

    Nice playlist, variety is always good. I used to be one of those metalheads, long hair, never listened to anything that wasn’t metal. Then I heard Hendrix, Floyd and Miles Davis and my life changed 😛

    • The original Sound of Silence is perfect, quite right. I do think this is a good cover though, despite me not having much time for Disturbed other times haha.

      It’s an awesome track 😀

      Haha, I can’t even understand why I like the Sam Smith song. It boggles my mind. Psy is so crazy and addictive and hilarious. When I listen to it at work I struggle to keep a straight face.

      Thanks 🙂 Metal is great, but there are some amazing other music out there as well

      • yeah, once my eyes were opened I listen to barely any metal. It can be anything from drum n bass to hip hop to hendrix to classical music. Being a close-minded metalhead was sucky!!

  2. Cool list! Psy is so addictive to listen too. I could bop along at my desk for far too long to Gentleman. lol Coolio is badass song. I never heard it before. Thanks!

    • Thanks 🙂 PSY is so much fun. Gosh those music videos are hilarious.

      Whenever I hear Gangster’s Paradise in the car I turn it to full blast to embarrass my little sister. It’s amazing!

  3. You KNOW my opinion on the Bond song, but then… #GreenDay hahahahaha.

    I freaking love this list bestie, it makes me laugh so much!

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