Life Lately – Marching into April 2016

So what’s crackelacking? SO MUCH. If this becomes a long ass post, sorry not sorry, for what will likely be a sensory overdose – both in pictures and ramblings.

First, what a crazy ass month this has been! It’s been weddings, it’s been Unisa, and it’s been traveling.

Here are some snapshots throughout the month, both good and bad quality 😀

Wedding #1: Francois and Mariette

I’m not going to upload too many pics of either of the two weddings, because 1) lotsa creeps on the internet 2) couples pay too much money for proper photographers to end up with sub-standard images everywhere, if ya know what I mean.

I introduced Mariette and Francois back in 2013 when it became obvious every time I spoke to one of them that I would think “this is something Francois/Mariette would also say/like”. Well, it worked, and my favorite line ever since have been that I have a 100% success rate with hooking people up. (hehe).

The wedding was beautiful. The bride looked gorgeous and radiant. Every woman should end up looking so beautiful and happy on her wedding day. Her gown suited her perfectly, and her makeup and hair accentuated the dress. The bridesmaids also looked really lovely, as did the groomsmen. Big up to all the brides who choose lovely colors and dress styles for their girls – it is your photos after all, ladies!

Another thing I really loved was the décor – the flowers were all origami, and not real flowers. It looked unique and wonderful, and the colors and intricacy of the set up worked beautifully. It is something that I will always remember.The food was AH MAH GASH delicious – real Boerekos and tasty as hell. YUM!! My only wish was that their music was a bit better carried out – they didn’t get a real DJ and I think it is the one thing other than a photographer that you really should invest in.


Wedding Favors


Origami flowers20160305_175342

Me and my little sister



Wedding #2: Zoë and Ricky

I’m sure my bestie is going to put up spans of pics on her site when she has them from her photographer, so I will just tell you how absolutely beautiful everything was. I know I’m a bit biased but trust me, the bride was magazine worthy, the décor was on point and the food was delicious. If I might say so myself, the bridesmaids looked awesome (I was MOH hehehe) and the groom and groomsmen also looked stylish. Thanks for being the most relaxed bride bestie, you were absolutely awesome and I promise that I will continue the tradition when I marry 😀 😀

The Sudwala Caves – Hazyview, South-Africa

I have this small travel project right now that is working nicely for me – I want to visit a new destination within South-Africa every year. It can be small town – that includes the quirk

We were in Hazyview for Zoë’s wedding, and took the time on the drive back to visit the Sudwala Caves. What. An. Experience. It was one of those moments where I felt so human – tiny and powerless. It is an amazing feeling to feel. The history of the caves was an education to listen to, excellently told by our tour guide. The only negative feedback what I had about the visit there was the restaurant we had lunch at – there wasn’t ice cream for milkshakes, they didn’t have ginger beer, they didn’t have avocados for their burgers (in Mpumalanga, i.e. AVOCADO CAPITAL OF THE GALAXY), etc., etc. I honestly got a bit cranky and by the time they tried to bring my sister chicken schnitzel rather than the chicken burger she ordered, we were all up to our ears with irritation by then. However, the caves are certainly worth the visit, and there are some eating places close to the entrance of the caves that will probably have everything they advertise in stock.


Upcoming wedding and the bachelorette that was attached to it

The weekend I had two weeks ago was one of those weekends where I would usually look at the person and wonder if they honestly think I believe what they are telling me.

We went and checked out some places because we want to move. I absolutely hate where I’m living right now, and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that atleast I have somewhere to stay (so many people don’t) and that I will move soon. We saw a stunning place that is definitely what we want, but we first need to sell where we live, and there are some ties that needs to be sorted soon – coming up some time in the future is a post where the South-African government makes dealing with a deceased persons’ estate more traumatic than the death you had to live through.

The bachelorette was a lot of fun. The kitchen tea was awkward – imagine the mother of the bride telling her child that all marriages end in divorce and why even bother. Yep, it was awkward. We fled the scene quickly, because NO bride needs to hear that from her mother three weeks before she marries.

The bachelorette was… entertaining. The people were actually a blast, and you can’t always guarantee that with strangers. We went to Movida, a pretty swanky club. Fantastic. We went in a limo, which was also legit, especially when it broke down three o’clock on a Sunday morning on the Modderfontein exit in Johannesburg. Let’s just say that is not the place where you want to be on a Sunday morning where every responsible person you know is either 1) drunk and in the limo with you or 2) drunk and on the bachelor’s two hours away from Johannesburg. It was real, let me tell you that.

After this illuminating event, imagine my amusement at finding my house flooded when I got home. A pipe had burst, lifting my laminated wood floors and drenching the entire place. It was real, let me tell you that. Bless the company that rented water pumps out and was open on a Sunday afternoon, because at that time my amusement had thoroughly evaporated, very unlike all the water on my floors.


Not much really, I was too busy the last couple of weeks to really commit to blogging. I’ve missed it so I am hopefully back with a full schedule this week.

I have finally caught up with my Blindspotsand am now only due again this month, so I feel very much accomplished over that.

January – Kill Bill Volume I

February – Kill Bill Volume II

March – Love Actually


In real-life terms that focuses on maintaining a lifestyle, my new eating habits are going well. A few hiccups here and there, but I am eating like a well-balanced human rather than someone who is eating their feelings rather than dealing with them. I haven’t had Coke since the 4th of Jan 2016 – down from 500 ml bottle a day. I am pretty proud of myself, and it is the one place where I draw a hard line. I need to sort out a gym contract, because the sad fact remains that although I will lose weight eating healthily, I will not lose it at the pace that I would while exercising properly too.

Things that annoy me currently:

The fact that basic connectivity in South-Africa is impossible to achieve.

People talking about money. Constantly. Just. Stop.

The fact that I use the word “actually” so much. My vocabulary ACTUALLY needs an upgrade. I proofread this a few times, but I’m sure that there are still some “actuallys” sneaking around.

Work. The people at work. The fact that I need employment to have money.

Anyhow, that is it from me. I have so much more that I want to ramble on about, but I’m stopping here. What have you been up to lately?

10 thoughts on “Life Lately – Marching into April 2016

  1. This post is awesome! Love it bestie!

    “People talking about money. Constantly. Just. Stop.” – Fucking really. It grates on my last nerve.

    The weddings you attended (not mine now) all looked really pretty, and that is amazing. As for mine, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE! It was such an honour to have you there with me.

    I really can’t wait for my pics to come back from the photographer!

    I still can’t get over them not having avos for you guys, and royally screwing up your order like that!

  2. Actually… Yeah, shit – I say actually too much too! But, actually, work people are annoying. And people who talk about money. Ugh! Especially as I have none. Lol. The weddings sound lovely! I can’t wait to see Zoe’s pics. Wow – you’ve been very busy! : )

    • Haha because it is ACTUALLY a great word hehehe. I noticed when I was writing everything out – it was actually here, there and everywhere.

      Life has since calmed down significantly – I am so happy about it! I can now safely return to my recluse status in life

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